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Next to your home, your swimming pool is one of your most prized possessions and in Southwest Florida a pool sometimes seems a necessity. Like your home, a pool requires a tremendous amount of attention. There’s the cleaning and maintenance, the trips for the supplies, and the learning curve to ensure that you do the job right. Unless you are a swimming pool enthusiast or have absolutely nothing better to do with your free time, you would most likely rather leave all that work to the professionals.  Pool Guys Who Care are the professional swimming pool enthusiasts who want to do the work for you. That way you can use your free time for something you really enjoy doing.

Pool Guys Who Care is a family owned and operated Husband and Wife Team (Mike and Shirly) who have been making a splash in Southwest Florida. Mike and Shirly Pine are as passionate about their business as they are about each other in their 30 plus year marriage. They are reliable, trustworthy and loaded with, sometimes called, old fashioned values. As transplants from New England (Rhode Island), they possess the northern work ethics that are sought after by both snowbirds and Florida natives.

Pool Guys Who Care provide clients with a full complement of standard pool cleaning, maintenance and repair services.  Call today for a pool service plan that fits your needs at an attractive price.

Pool Cleaning Services include: Check chemistry of pool water and balance, Tile cleaning, filter cleaning, system equipment inspections (leaks, pumps, filters, salt cells, etc.)  Report of work.

Service and Repair: Heat Pumps, Salt Systems, Pool Automation, LED Lights, Valves, Timers, Motors, Pumps, Chlorinators, Filters, Gas Heaters, Green Pools.

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