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Fresh Start of California’s mission is to guide and assist the addict that still suffers from the destruction of the disease. We believe that addiction is a physiological illness, progressive in nature and terminal if left untreated. We provide men and women with a detoxification and residential treatment services, along with recovery tools that will aid in future success. Fresh Start of California acknowledge that relapse is sometimes a part of the recovery process, however, we recognize that it does not have to be a part of your story. We celebrate the victories, and we assist in correcting the mistakes. Fresh Start of California provide a variety of intimate group therapies along with an environment where you can feel safe and comfortable. During the detoxification process, our clients also experience 12-step therapy, yoga, art therapy, music therapy and process groups, while creating individualized treatment plans, recognizing that each is their own person, and their needs may be different. We at Fresh Start create awareness around addiction, and aid in teaching life skills to clients so they may create a life that is not dependent on mind altering substances. We believe in highly individualized treatment by embracing a holistic, and 12-step-step philosophy, in conjunction with a clinical approach.


Timing: Mon - Sun Open 24 hours

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1210 N. Ross St. 92701 Santa Ana CA United States
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