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When hiring an architectural firm in Pelham, you want somebody that can do it all, not just drawing up blueprints. At Cottage Of Serendipity, our architecture services are comprehensive and include interior design, project management, site design, landscape architecture, structural engineering, and construction. At Cottage Of Serendipity, we believe interior design and decoration is a conversation. The space provides the constraints, you provide your ideas, and we provide the expertise. When all three are on the same page, the final result can never be less than amazing. Our local Pelham office has assisted countless residential and commercial clients with interior design and decorating for single rooms, entire homes, and spaces of all shapes and sizes. From tiny bathrooms to spacious, open-space restaurants, we're happy to take on any design project. Give Cottage Of Serendipity a call at 205-419-3390 to learn more about our interior design process and schedule a visit from one of our visionary designers.. For a professional partner ready to bring life to your ideas, dial .

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2805 Pelham Pkwy 35124 Pelham AL United States
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