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Our team of labor and employment lawyers and paralegals help employees and working people throughout California get justice when mistreated by unscrupulous employers.


Signing the document is just the first step to executing an agreement between two parties. Abiding by the agreement after a signature is collected is critical to any agreement’s success. When one party falls short of its contractual duty, it can threaten your business, your livelihood, and your reputation. Whether a contract is oral or written, a dispute involving a contract can cause problems for your business. As a business owner, you want to resolve that dispute in your favor, at a minimum of cost and aggravation. Often, two parties will file reciprocal claims against the other with each party claiming the other breached the contract. The Sacramento contract disputes attorneys of Rose Law, APC move quickly to hold that individual or company responsible.


Whatever your contract is related to, our Sacramento contract disputes lawyers have the extensive knowledge and comprehensive legal professionalism to help you. Our experienced attorneys are readily available to represent clients with matters involving:


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