InstantHedge was founded in 2012 by Brent Markus to fill the huge market void for high-quality finished hedges. Using patented precision agriculture techniques, InstantHedge is cultivating over 50 miles of finished hedges at its farm in Canby, Oregon. InstantHedge offers dozens of hedge varieties in 3 convenient height grades (18”, 3-4’, and 5-6’). Each 3-4’ tall and 5-6’ tall hedge unit consists of 4 plants like privacy hedge plants and more which are grown and harvested together. The extensive root pruning techniques ensure little to no transplant shock. The 18” tall hedge units contain 5 individual plants and are container-grown, providing excellent root growth and manageability – each unit weighs under 40 pounds! There are also several different packaging options. The biodegradable cardboard box is perfect for landscape installations, as the box itself can be planted and will degrade in a few months. The InstantHedge fabric bag is ideal for holding hedges in garden center or holding yard settings. The 18” low hedges are grown and shipped in custom plastic pots that are easy for one person to maneuver. InstantHedge ships year-round to all 48 contiguous states and parts of Canada. Traditionally, hedges take 4-5 years to mature. Not anymore. With InstantHedge, you can plant a finished hedge in just one day.

By InstantHedge

27977 S. Hwy 170 97013 Canby OR United States
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