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I am an Online Digital Marketing Professional. I help Veteran Owned/Friendly small businesses with their online marketing need to build a client list using Social Media and the Internet to make more money.

I am a 24 year retired veteran and my passion has always been to be of service to my country and it's citizens. I know that's “corny” but that shared service joined us together like no other bond. The camaraderie and fellowship shared in military service helped define me and profoundly changed my character.

This passion to be of service to others will stay with me and define me until the day I die.

I am always on the look-out for ways to get the word out that Veterans transitioning into the Civilian workforce make great employees or even better — helping them start their own small business.

I have a special place in my heart for helping disabled/wounded veterans find their place again in this world. Being disabled myself, I've found that there are options working online.

Being able to provide value online and also being able to monetize what you do is a shot in the arm for my self-esteem and my family's.

My passion is helping Veteran Owned/Veteran Friendly businesses achieve success through building their brands online and providing THEM and their FAMILIES the freedom they so richly deserve. I will also donate up to 30 Mins per week to helping with support and Q&As.

My other passion is to serve the professionals at St Jude's Children's Hospital. I do that by donating part of my income from each campaign to them.

P.S. Told you it was “corny!

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