Robal started with an idea before it had a name. Well, first it started with a problem...then an idea...then a name. We couldn't find enough help for our small business in a college town full of college students looking for extra beer money. We would have done anything to get extra help on our busy nights, but instead we were left washing our own dishes. What if we had a service to find help when we need it, where the helper picked only the shifts they wanted to work, for the hourly rate that made it worth their time! In came the idea. We could get connected with great help like matching on a dating app. Our vision was to post a shift and allow for a hungry college kid to find us instead of trying to find them! 

Labor...in reverse.... Robal.

At Robal we believe there is a better way to connect businesses with able and ready talent. We also believe there is a better way to search for extra shifts, part time work or even to test drive a career. We are excited to present the future of hourly staffing! "Make Money Your Way"

By Robal

216 W. 26th Street 77803 Bryan TX United States
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