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Essence Design is a kitchen and bath design showroom in Sunnyvale, CA, specializing in frameless luxury cabinets and vanities.

We understand that the kitchen is the essence of every home. It's the place where we cook, eat and meet with friends and family. You should never have to sacrifice your style for your needs. Our passion is to work closely with you to design a space that is efficient and beautiful to you. 

Working with us is a fantastic experience. Our designers will analyze your space and listen to your requirements. Selecting the right layout, textures, and materials is key to building your vision. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Having, as a result, a kitchen or bathroom that has a balance between functionality and style is our passion.

Stop by our showroom today for some project inspiration and to allow your imagination to unwind endless possibilities of design and style. We have an extensive color variety of cabinetry, tiles, flooring, accessories, and fixtures.

Long-lasting and efficient designs start with us.

We serve the Bay area. Get in touch today!

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145 E Fremont Ave 94087 Sunnyvale CA United States
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