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We provide nationwide full cycle accounts receivable management, legal services,

 judgment collections, liens, asset locating, asset research investigations, business development, private investigating, We also Create Mobile apps, We are proud to help companies grow and prosper in today's market!!

Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC offers a one-stop-shop for private and commercial services. Here are some examples of Services we have provided recently;Expert Business Growth & Development Services & tools. 

Judgment | Lien Services | Asset Locating & 

Research | Private & Commercial Investigations | Legal Services | Debt Collection | Software | Accounts Receivable Management | Special Project Management | Full Spectrum I.T Service | Innovative Internet, Digital, & DIRECT Marketing | Web Design | SEO & SEM |Technical Research | Artificial Intelligence/Logic | Precision Lead generation | Creative & Problem Solving Think Tanks | Credit & Finance | Contracts | Coaching | Efficiency Management I Internal Audits | Short Term & Long Term Emergency Business Support (We offer Special Prepaid Packages) | We are currently accepting Clients we are also offering a promotional service for free, ask a representative for the details.



By Consulting, Recovery & Investigations, LLC

10827 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 200, Texas (TX) 77072, 10827 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 200 Houston,, Texas (TX) 77072 77072 Houston TX United States
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