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Are you a property owner in the state of Austin? Did you pay a lot of property taxes every year? Then, it’s your right to protest your property taxes each year. It’s also your money that the Austin government keeps when you overpay. Take a wise step! Register to Austin Property Tax Protest at Discount Property Taxes, if you believe you are currently paying too much for one of your properties in Austin. We will fight for the right by protesting your largest annual expenses – the residential and/or commercial property taxes. 

We know how the real estate boom has left thousands of properties overvalued. For more than a decade, homeowners are paying much for unreasonable charges. Say big thanks to the Discount Property Taxes professional, he can save big amount of money by protesting and assisting Austin Property owners. We are a seasoned professional involved with filling tax claims, managing finances, and valuation protesting real property in Travis and Williamson Counties. We are an expert at Austin Tax Protests; we appeal in the court for tax reductions and request for concession in annual tax bills. Our friendly knowledgeable property tax appeal consultants’ helps concerned clients. We use this expertise to get results, saving you thousands on your property tax appeal.

Discount Property Taxes is owned and operated by Stephen M. Maida. Mr. Maida is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. He has over 13 years experience protesting property tax values. He has an additional experience in real estate development, construction, sales, property management, and development consulting. This knowledge of multiple disciplines gives Mr. Maida a unique advantage against the opposition (the county tax appraisers). We handle both residential and commercial real estate property tax protests (including large institutional assets) to take tax valuations down as LOW AS POSSIBLE. 

We believe in Property Tax Protesting at NO CHARGE, unless successful! You pay us nothing unless we produce positive results and are successful in getting the amount of taxes you pay lowered. Upon success, you pay us 33% of the amount of money that we save you by getting your tax valuation lowered.

When you are up for annual property tax payment, never forget to fight for the right. Your hard earned money should not be wasted. Ask for Discount Property Taxes, gives us an opportunity to fight in lieu of you. 

For contact, please feel free to call us 512-467-9852 (phone) or drop an email at 

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