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Lincoln Tree Service provides a tree removal, tree pruning, branch removal, emergency tree service, and stump grinding. If you have a downed tree or branch we can get it removed safetly and at a great price! We have the experience and the equipment to do the job correctly.

We are a top quality tree removal and trimming company located in New Haven. Having trees safely removed by an experienced and professional crew is what we do. We remove trees, trim and prune branches, proactively remove dangerous trees, and remove trees that have fallen down.


New Haven is full of beautiful, old trees. Unfortunately as a tree ages it can pose a danger if limbs fall off or if the tree falls over. Proactively, trimming and removing trees and protect your property from damage. Many trees have also grown larger than the space they were planted in can safety contain them. This includes trees that are planted too close to a house. This situation can cause leaf litter in the gutters, root intrusion in the basements, and the potential from structural house damage if a limb or the tree comes down.


Our intention is always on preservation and tree care. Often a sick tree can be brought back to health with fertilization, pest and fungus control. Especially in a city trees are stressed by pollution and sometimes the lack of water appropriate tree care can revive a struggling tree.


We have been doing tree removal for many years and have the right equipment, training and experience to get the job done right.

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50 Fitch Street 06515 New Haven CT United States
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