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Hi, I’m Rachel Clee! At Nurturing Empowerment I help loving, overwhelmed Moms relax & feel better :)I offer a welcoming space to retreat … time to talk … then gentle, safe treatments which encourage & support holistic wellbeing - emotionally, mentally, spiritually & physically.I understand being a Mom is heartwarming … and overwhelming at times too. Health problems, difficult relationships, worries about children … there are many challenges Moms can face.

Clients report feeling calm, happy, supported through challenges, more confident & relief from physical symptoms. I specialize in treating Moms with Golden Way Reiki because I’m a Mom whose benefited hugely from these treatments … and I’ve experienced how being a calmer, happier, healthier Mom helps my children!


I used to work as an Optometrist & I’m delighted to bring my experience providing friendly, professional care together with my passion for gently supporting Moms to feel holistically healthy in my home-based Reiki practice. Located in Embrun, Ontario. 10 minutes from Russell, just 25 minutes south-east of Ottawa. Distance healing treatments by phone or video call are also available if you live a distance from Embrun or Canada.

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24 Pilon Street K0A 1W0 Embrun ON Canada
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