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Luxury Waterless Detailing, ceramic coating, shampoo services, car wash, headlight restoration, motorcycle detailing, shampoo services, carpet cleaning, seat cleaning, leather cleaning, wax, paint sealants, buffing, paint correction, water spot removal, glass polishing, metal polishing. Super convenient location at Windward Mall


For vehicles being shipped off Island. Prices will vary on condition as the port is very strict. This service as listed will be the absolute minimums required to ship the vehicle. Additional services needed can be discussed during condition inspection. Reasons for us to charge extra will be excess personal items, sand, hair, or debris. Luxury waterless exterior wash Light paint decontamination via clay mitt alternative Hand applied paint sealant durable 2-3 mos Fender wells Cleaned Door, Trunk, Gas, and engine bay jambs wiped clean Blow out of engine bay of leaves and debris Wheels cleaned and tires dressed Interior throughly vacuumed out (please have interior free of all personal items) Wipe down Interior Clean inside windows Rubber mats washed Free spray of air freshener by request.


By Eco Wash Hawaii

46-056 Kamehameha Hwy 96744 Kaneohe HI United States
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