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Fashion out your outfit with the Flash-Belt. It comes in 5 cool styles. The first and only Multi color multi mode channel LED fashionable belt for kids and adults and is unisex!

We’re revolutionizing the fashion world and the way you fashion out your outfit. The LED trend has been here since 1972. We are taking the LED trend to the next level with the Flash-Belt. Stand out from the crowd and shine like a star!

You want the ultimate in style and comfort, and with Flash-Belt, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The Flash-Belt is made from TPU strong and last longing. Looks better than Leather and rain proof. Everything is touch censored.

We have taken the Flash-Belt to be user friendly and fashionable. 2017 comes innovation to the fashion industry and the world! Whether you’re looking for a bold fashion statement or an understated light-up LED fashion belts, there’s a Flash-Belt design for you. Unlike any LED light-up product of yesteryear, our cutting-edge Flash-Belt lights up the whole area rather than just the body. Once more, our modern twist on a nineties fashion icon are USB-rechargeable, meaning that once the Flash-Belt lights up your life, you will feel the power of the Flash-Belt!

Future Products of Tomorrow LLC the owners of the Flash-Belt is a Miami Beach FL based company.


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