TheOneSpy are a cellphone and tablet monitoring software developer, that design exclusive software for devices running on iOS, such as iPhones and iPads, Android and Blackberry OS. TheOneSpy’s users are required to install the software on any device they wish to monitor and the software would allow them to monitor it in multiple ways, such as tracking its location, monitoring its data exchange, listening to its surroundings, etc.

TheOneSpy has been designed to cater to the rightful monitoring needs of parents and employees, who are anxious about their children or companies’ wellbeing.

Keeping in mind the dangers of the modern world as well as the vast variety of devices at the disposal of children from a young age, the concern of parents regarding their children’s safety is very understandable. Whether they are school-going or college-going, children are exposed to a myriad of dangers on the street as well in their institutions. They can be robbed or even kidnapped while out on the street, or they can be bullied and hurt by fellow students at school. They can even be exposed to harmful content on the Internet and acquire bad habits as well as company, which would result in hurting their children or others around them.  In each event, parents need to be as watchful as they can be. In the past it was not possible for them to find out the facts behind any untoward incident since it was not possible for them to monitor their children effectively from a distance. However, with softwares such as TheOneSpy’s monitoring software, they are able to find out exactly what their children are going through by using our multiple monitoring features. Now, if they were harmed on the street or at school, for instance, parents can use TheOneSpy to check and record the exact details of the event, and confidently accuse the people responsible for hurting their children. Or, if their children are engaging themselves in harmful cyber activities, they can take due steps to protect them. This is no mean service that TheOneSpy provides to parents.

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