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When living in Moreno Valley, CA, one of the best things about having a home is being able to experience the California sun from the comfort of your own backyard. Unfortunately, many home builders choose to not enclose patios and other outdoor living spaces in an attempt to save on building costs. We know just how annoying it can be to find someone to enclose your backyard area, especially with how flimsy most backyard coverings can be. In fact, it’s all too common for cheap screen-like vinyl materials to rip or tear within the first few weeks following the installation process due to some of the crazy winds we get out here!
The good news is that Patio Covers Moreno Valley offers a better option by being the premier choice in aluminum patio covers. While it may remain one of the best-kept secrets in California home construction, many love the versatility, as well as the variety of Alumawood colors, for their outdoor enclosure needs. Rather than relying on cheap wooden frames that wear away quickly from the elements, Alumawood patio coverings combine the ease and beauty of wooden construction with the durability of aluminum building materials.

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