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West Hartford Carpet Cleaners are a professional, family owned and operated carpet, upholstery and tile & grout cleaning business dedicated to serving West Hartford, CT and surrounding areas and providing the highest level of service at affordable prices. We understand that each job is unique and requires special cleaning needs. Regardless of your commercial or residential cleaning requirements, we promise to provide a plan and schedule that will accommodate your exact needs and budget. Does your home or office have tile, hardwood floor or carpet? No problem, we will use the best products and machinery to ensure the job is done right and properly cleaned. We have become locally renowned for our quality of service, careful attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. With more than 15 years of experience, our cleaners are the best-licensed and ensured cleaning provider in the Hartford, CT area. Our expert cleaners and professional service continues to satisfy hundreds of customers across CT, providing quality services for our clients needs. With West Hartford Carpet Cleaners you can be assured of a job done right as we work with a fully trained staff, outstanding service and top of the line equipment. Here at West Hartford Carpet Cleaners our mission is to maintain a welcoming and clean environment in both homes and businesses. For businesses, when your customers feel welcomed and comfortable in a clean establishment, they’re much more likely to return and continue to do business with you. The same goes for your house guests! One of the best ways to make your clients or guests feel comfortable is to provide them with a clean and well-kept environment. Finding a trustworthy and family-owned cleaning company can huge challenge. Here at West Hartford Carpet Cleaners we offer a Professional Business Service to source only the best quality, most trustworthy and independent cleaning company to get the job done right. Our contractors are licensed and insured meaning we can provide a no risk service as being properly insured protects YOU as a customer in the unlikely event damages occur. As a family owned business, our contractors can provide a customized servers and accommodate your own individual needs. We can also offer 24/7 covereage, emergency response 24 hrs/day and flexible schedules servicing nights, weekends and even holidays! We also provide free in-home consultations to provide you with a more accurate estimate and to discuss your specific needs as well as develop a schedule that works for you.

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