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Optus Email or otherwise known by its proper name Singtel Optus Pty Limited comes at a second rank in Australia in terms of telecommunication industry.  Singtel runs it as a wholly owned subsidiary. The company owns and maintains several wholly owned subsidiaries like:

  • ·         Virgin Mobile Australia
  • ·         Alphawest
  • ·         Uecomm

While it primarily runs its business on the trade name Optus, it has established its own network infrastructure in addition to using other telecom providers infrastructure like Telestra and National Broadband Network to offer its services. More particularly, it offers broadband and other internet services through its Optus ‘Yes’ band. The company underwent three name changes before coming to a stop at its present name. Initially it was known as the “Aussat Pty Limited” before it was privatised. After it was privatised, it became “Optus Communications Pty Limited”. Next it was renamed to “Cable and Wireless Optus Pty Limited”.

Since a lot of people use Optus for their networking or email needs, there are bound to be some issues that the users face like:

  • ·         Technical errors in your Optus email account
  • ·      Unable to send or receive emails from your Optus account
  • ·         Improper configuration and/ or installation of your Optus email account
  • ·         Unable to attach files with your emails
  • ·         Syncing issues between your phone and computer Optus email accounts.
  • ·         Account password reset or recovery
  • ·         Blocking account if it has been hacked or for any other purpose.

Now, Optus customer service specializes in providing talented, skilled and well qualified representatives to help you out with your problem. These representatives are properly certified so that they can provide solutions effectively and immediately. Users can also opt for remote access in order to get their issues resolved. You need to simply call the Optus Email customer Service number that is available 24/7 for you. The representatives will hear you out and then figure out a remedy to your problem. Apart from this live chat and going to them onsite to get help is also an option that the users can avail.


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