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We can find an impressive display of various types of roofs across the world. Basically, you can classify house roof types into two; one the flat type and the other hipped roof. The gable roofs, though, have many eye-catching designs and styles, are not suitable for the houses in typhoon zone. If you look for pressure roof cleaning companies they will tell you exactly what would be best suited for your house as per the area you live in.



When taking a decision on what roof to build, you must consider two things; the various house roof types and the different roofing materials used, for assistance consulting roof cleaning companies would be a wise option. Gable roof and hip roof are almost the same. While gable roof slopes from each side and meet at the ridge, the hip roof slopes from all four sides. It gives the appearance of a lid on a rectangular box. Hip roofs are costly to make because it needs more work, more materials and more manpower.

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