Bee Man Dan




Hi, I’m Bee Man Dan.

Putting my passion into action, saving bees, is my core business value.

I am dedicated to the rescue, relocation and rehabilitation of bees.


My well-trained team and I safely and humanely remove

bees from roofs, walls, chimneys, floors, branches, bushes,

trees, valve boxes, and many other hard to reach places,

while protecting you, your family or business.


We LOVE bees and do not exterminate them.


We only provide safe, humane, live extractions and removals.


As a locally owned company, servings the greater San Diego area,

I have made a personal and professional commitment to save

and preserve our fragile and dwindling bee population.


With the correct technique and approach, such as my team and I

expertly provide, any hive whether Africanized or European, can be responsibly removed live, by hand, and relocated to

a healthy agricultural area.


We offer competitive rates for each type of job, and it’s important to note, we do not up-charge for live bee removal, because this is all we do.

By Bee Man Dan

Parkway 92027 Escondido CA United States
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