I-M-T has been a leader in modular wall systems since our inception in Toronto in 2002. In the intervening years we’ve helped scores of clients in every sector of the economy chart a sustainable course through the fast changing world of the emerging global marketplace where flexibility is not just an attribute, it’s an absolute necessity. Today we supply demountable wall systems as well as an array of other architectural design components to commercial businesses, research facilities, hospitals, educational institutions and public sector offices worldwide.

We continually strive to find new ways to push the design and fabrication envelopes to create ever greener, more attractive and easy to use products for our customers. Our engineers are recognized innovators whose mission is to provide you with affordable, sustainable solutions to your most vexing organizational problems.

Our ironclad commitment to sustainable building technology has shown the way toward working environments that are fully compatible with the natural environment. Our demountable walls and office partitions use almost no primary resources in their fabrication and produce virtually no waste at the end of their lifecycle. Our co-commitment to affordability means that this remarkable technology is now a viable alternative for every size business.

Toward the Future

The business world today is a fundamentally different animal than it was at the turn of the 21st century. The last vestiges of the old way have been abandoned and in their place has increased the need for practical, affordable ways to get maximum value from expensive office space while at the same time future proofing that space against tomorrow’s advances.

One of the major challenges facing our engineers and designers is to anticipate those advances and incorporate them into our current product line without compromising the quality and viability of our popular demountable wall systems. We continually succeed in this quest because our entire organization is forward oriented yet ever aware of the value of proven solutions.

As we move into even more challenging days ahead we relish the opportunity to continue to reshape the workspace to meet the needs of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, medical miracle workers and industries yet unknown. As we do we’ll continue to rely on the vision and talent of our design team and the skill and efficiency of our distribution network to create groundbreaking movable wall solutions and make them available to an ever expanding customer base in the US.

By I-M-T

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