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We are Cruisin’ Canines, your local dog walkers and pet care specialists.


We strive to offer the best care possible for your pets, all while providing you with peace of mind when you are at work, away for the weekend or gone for a long vacation.



Passion for dogs is something innate for Paul and me. Our business as Chicago dog walkers and our in-house boarding grew all on its own – thanks to our clients who could see and feel our passion and spread the word for us. Our story is simple: We love dogs and we’ve devoted our working lives to taking excellent care of them. Cruisin’ Canines began back in 1995, when I was searching for work with meaning. The thought of hanging out with dogs and being outside all day completely moved me. So, I started to get the word out and slowly but surely, I was in business. In 1997, as fate would have it, I met Paul. In addition to the love we found for one another, we also discovered a mutual love of dogs. We eventually married and added another service: In-house boarding, and thanks to the word of mouth of our incredibly loyal clientele, our business took off.



By Cruisin Canines - Chicago Dog Walkers

2332 W Melrose St Chicago, IL 60618 60618 Chicago IL United States
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