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Slow and steady improvements in farming have got us to where we are today. Thanks to this, we have agricultural technologies that save us time, money and labor.

We are happy to say, DripperGripper is one such invention.

Drip irrigation water lines in orchards and farms are subject to a number of problems.
-They are very difficult to maintain because they hug the ground.
-Pests such as gophers have a tendency to chomp down on the pipes, causing them to leak.
-They interfere with harvesting. Harvesting machines will damage them, sweeper machines don't remove debris properly where there are water pipes above the ground.

The solution to these problems and more is a device that can lift water pipes, preventing them from coming into contact with the ground. Once the pipes push off from the ground, gophers cannot reach them, so workers don't have to maintain the pipes nearly as often, and machines won't tangle with them.

There are devices that fulfill these requirements, like dirt and pins.But are they a long term solution? Probably not. Dirt don't prevent gopher damage! They can't prevent damage from machines and they may even obstruct the work of some machines.
Moreover, pins are made from metal, which rusts and leaves you no choice but to replace them every three or four years.

Can you think about how much money you would have to spend on clips and dirt, if you have a 2000 acre farm?

We cannot afford to waste money.

We have a better solution- DripperGripper

DripperGripper is a revolutionary new product to make irrigation easier and tension free.
Each unit consists of a bridge with four perforations, that lifts water pipes above the ground.
It is made from a high-density polymer that prevents damage from rain, sun and pretty much any other natural element that affects traditional farm equipment. It also has a life span of at least 20 years

Once you invest in DripperGripper, you won't have to buy drip line clips or dirt for 20-25 years at the very least. So it is long term investment.

Protects your water pipes from gophers and sweepers. If you are interested in learning more about DripperGripper,
Visit us http://www.drippergripper.com or contact us at [email protected] or by phone at (661) 776-5525.

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