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Become a Postal Distribution Clerk with the USPS - the world's largest postal service.

They offer employment opportunities across the country and have nearly 1 million employees; which is why they are known as our nation’s largest employer. This means that even if you have no experience in this field, they will still give you some of the best training available for any job position...

The ability to manage time well is a must for being successful as a Postal Distribution Clerk. With all of their different tasks going on at once, it can get pretty hectic so staying organized and knowing how to multitask efficiently is important too. Having said this though there are always quality standards that need to be met along with making sure customer satisfaction levels remain high while working within such an ever-changing environment.

Position Details:
• Many companies have announced numerous job openings
• Starting pay range: $23.47-$38.62 hourly
• Average annual salary after benefits package: $72,400
• Benefits Package: Vacation pay, sick leave, holidays off work (with pay), medical coverage including life assurance plans plus retirement savings program.
• When people enjoy where they work then usually they become more productive during their hours there as well which leads them having been satisfied overall with what has happened throughout each day so far.

USPS employs about one million workers making it one of America’s largest employers who serve customers at over 30k post offices nationwide. These facilities include retail outlets that provide a range of services from selling stamps to accepting mail and packages for shipment via air or ground transport networks operated by major carriers like FedEx and UPS among others.. The United States Postal Service also operates sorting centers where letters are sorted by zip code before being transported to local post offices for final delivery; these sites can handle millions of pieces per hour during peak periods around holidays such as Christmas when people send greeting cards
Rogers AR United States


Apply - Postal Distribution Clerk Rogers