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  • 4 days ago

jobs description

Position Type:
• Full-Time
• The work contract typically stipulates 30-35 hours of weekly work...
• Employees who are new to the company will start at a pay rate of $23.75 an hour


Accommodations may be necessary, but fulfilling duties and responsibilities remains a requirement.
• Managing inventory selection and reception activities to meet retail demand efficiently.
• The movement of goods within the warehouse follows specific instructions for product handling.
• Systematically prepares merchandise for transportation by arranging and categorizing them effectively, and takes responsibility for unloading incoming shipments from trucks or back-hauls.
• Executes general cleaning tasks to comply with the established safety standards and legal obligations, avoiding any potential liability issues.
• Performs stocktaking of warehouses, following procedures as specified.
• This individual places a high value on cooperation and interaction with their peers, suppliers, and warehouse leadership, maintaining ongoing communication and information exchange as a means to achieve this.
• Offers ideas for improving warehouse management's workflow and productivity.
• Scrutinizes materials, communicates with the leaders of the warehouse regarding the quality of the products, safety hazards, and sterilization issues.
• Takes sole responsibility for decision-making and problem-solving within the assigned domain of accountability.
• Helps warehouse management meet their budgetary targets.
• Carries out all delegated duties with proficiency, accuracy, and conformity to established company policies and guidelines.
• Complies with the recommended actions for executing the ergonomic program.
• Adheres to safety regulations when operating equipment to carry out critical duties.
• Raises concerns regarding product quality, safety hazards, and sanitation issues with management.
• Tasks beyond the norm.

Job Qualifications:

Display initiative by being proactive in identifying opportunities and taking action to achieve goals and objectives in a timely and efficient manner.
• Job seekers wishing to work at ALDI must have reached the age of 18 or above
• Emulates the value of conscientiousness by stressing the importance of the quality, legitimacy, and safety of their own and others' work and its effect on the stores.
• Encourages open communication: Promotes open and transparent communication within the team to foster trust and engagement.
• Remains Persistent and Tenacious: Displays a persistent and tenacious attitude when faced with adversity, working tirelessly to overcome obstacles and achieve success.
• Overcome Obstacles: Possesses resilience to overcome obstacles that get in the way of achieving optimal results. Takes proactive steps aligned with the established policies and procedures of ALDI to produce outstanding outcomes.
• Efficient and Precise Collaborator: Partners with others to ensure ALDI compliance, prioritizes tasks proficiently, and manages workflow systematically, leading to a highly productive warehouse operation.

Job-specific Competencies:

• Effectively understanding and utilizing the policies and procedures of an enterprise are essential skills.
• Effective oral and written communication mastery.
• Expertise in executing basic mathematical equations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
• Maintains preciseness and conforms to instructions.
• Demonstrates the versatility to tackle tasks either alone or with a team of colleagues.

Education and Experience:
• This position favors candidates who have a High School Diploma or an equivalent educational attainment.

Physical Requirements:
• The job requires frequently lifting and positioning items that weigh up to 45 pounds onto pallets placed at different elevations.
• Frequently transport inventory and prepare it for shipping to different retail locations.
• To be successful in a warehouse job, one must be able to perform tasks such as sitting, standing, bending, reaching, gripping, pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, and walking frequently.
• Daily duties of this work require the ability to work in a fluctuating climate, from hot to cold climates, which includes both outdoor environments and refrigeration/freezer settings.
• The ability to maneuver powered industrial equipment efficiently and safely is a vital skill to have.

ALDI values its employees and invests in their growth and well-being, offering highly competitive salaries and benefits that set it apart from other employers:
• 401(k) Plan
• It's important to contribute enough to receive the full matching contribution from the employer, as it's essentially free money towards retirement savings
• If an employee seeks assistance from an Employee Assistance Program, their confidentiality is preserved, ensuring their privacy
• PerkSpot is an innovative solution for those looking to stretch their budgets and save money on essential purchases

Additionally, entitled individuals are provided with:
• The affordability of medical, prescription, dental and vision insurance is dependent on the amount of coverage required, and hence individuals and organizations need to prioritize their health requirements
• Prolific Vacation Opportunities & 7 Paid Observance Holidays
• Get Paid with Full Salary for Your Six Weeks of Parental Leave
• To support employees who need to care for family members, companies are now offering two weeks of paid caregiver leave at full salary
• While disability insurance can be costly, it is often less expensive than the financial consequences of a prolonged disability
• Term life insurance is typically more affordable but only provides coverage for a set period of time, while permanent life insurance lasts for your entire life and often includes an investment feature
• Voluntary term life insurance policies can be customized to fit an individual's specific needs

Learn more about ALDI's unique shopping experience, complete with efficient checkout lines, a focus on simplicity and order, and helpful staff who are always on hand to assist with any questions or concerns

We are proud to be an organization that values diversity, equity and inclusion. Our commitment to equal opportunity employment is a reflection of our belief that everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed in the workplace
Maple Heights OH United States


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