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  • 1 week ago

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Join the world's largest mail service as a Mail Processing Clerk with USPS and experience career growth like never before

Job opportunities are available across the nation with the country's number one federal employer, staffed by almost 1 million workers. For those without prior knowledge, USPS offers an extensive training program that will make them quickly adapt to their new positions...

The Mail Processing Clerk is a key player at USPS with many different duties. You are vital in ensuring that USPS runs smoothly every day in various roles such as selling stamps and processing incoming mail to sorting, distributing, clerical work and handling other functions of office work itself. As a point of contact for customers, you help out with general mailing needs like change of address, mail holds and post office box services etc. This not only helps keep U.S.P.S efficient but also gives chance for people working in this position to grow through ranks within organization because there’re always higher level jobs available in dynamic postal environment.

Position Details:
• There is an overabundance of job openings for all applicants
• Starting salary: $23.47 - $38.62 per hour
• Average annual salary: $72,400 – this includes competitive benefits package as well
• Benefits Package: Paid vacation; sick leave; holidays; medical coverage; life insurance plan + retirement savings scheme.
• When it comes down to economic security during troubling times nobody does better than us postal employees who enjoy peace knowing they have solid employment futures ahead even if situation seems dire now!

With close to a million employees nationwide and operating more than 30K distribution hubs/postal offices combined into one largest organizations on earth, United States Postal Service (USPS) boasts diverse workforce ranging from entry-level positions up through management offering competitive pay scales alongside favorable working environment conditions plus room for promotion within company hierarchy structure based off individual merit alone but also provides ample job safety guarantees due large scale nature infrastructure which some consider too big fail...

To qualify, candidates must meet specific requirements set by law and be U.S. citizens who are at least 18 years old.

The Mail Processing Clerk shall secure mail and parcels in accordance with established rules:
• Sell Stamps
• All incoming mail contains sensitive data so it must always be handled safely by staff in charge of the mailroom.
• Sorting & distributing mails has been practiced for centuries but with technological advancements, this process has greatly changed over time
• Various office tasks should be performed as required
• Providing professional advice on mailing related matters like business registration or renting mailbox etc.

About USPS: Created more than two centuries ago, United States Postal Service (USPS) is a federal agency that is both publicly owned and privately operated. It is also considered as one of the world's largest postal systems with almost 1M employees staffing over 30K post offices nationwide which deliver more than 600M pieces yearly to about 142M addresses across USA alone using its fleet size exceeding 200K vehicles making it larger than any other single organization could ever hope to be.

USPS strongly supports diversity within its workforce therefore being an equal opportunity employer where anyone can find employment regardless their background provided they meet necessary qualifications needed for respective position applied. Furthermore, USPS offers competitive pay; comprehensive benefits package; opportunities advancement through career development programs coupled with guaranteed job security until retirement age since Labour Services works hand in glove assisting job seekers secure suitable positions while working independently from us postal service itself.

Act now! Join the USPS and start your career with a respected establishment that has been around for years
Kennewick WA United States


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