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Renardet is hiring a Resident Engineer / Project Manager in the EPC works for the Industrial Waste Treatment Facilities in Sohar (Oman)

Job Position Description:
• Manage and administer the EPC Contract assigned to him by the Employer. (Management Skills and Experience in previous EPC works is required)
• Review Plans such as Manpower histogram, procurement scheduling, Quality, HSE, Time, etc.
• Review resources mobilization. Report progress of mobilization to the Employer.
• Be involved with regulatory authorities for validation and approval of design against EIA and other national regulations including but not limited to fire safety and environmental safety.
• Review, advise and report EPC Contractor's activities during the different phases of project execution (mobilization, submissions, construction, commissioning, taking over and defects liability).
• Continuous monitoring of EPC Construction and Installation Works progress against approved program, compliance... inspections, quality control, maintenance of test results and HSE audits/follow up.
• Review and approve all shop drawings submitted by the EPC Contractor. Review of any designs, calculations and alternatives submitted by the EPC Contractor.
• Review and evaluate proposals from the EPC Contractor related to variations, equipment, materials, method statements, etc. and issue comments and recommendations accordingly in liaison with the Employer.
• Manage and monitor the inspection schedule and make arrangements on behalf of the Employer and participate in the inspection and testing during the manufacture of materials/equipment and plants as are usually inspected and tested (including factory acceptance test if required). The Consulting Engineer shall ensure that all the required inspection/testing documents are provided to the Employer at least one week prior the start of the actual inspection/testing. Supervise and approve performance testing program and later the performance testing per se (the commissioning of machines).
• Recommendations as to the acceptance or rejection of any part of the completed Works.
• Carry out audits on the HSE and Quality on a regular basis of the EPC Contractor and detailed report shall be included in the monthly progress report to the Employer.
• Respond to any written query from the Employer regarding the execution or progress of works within 3 working days of receipt.
• Respond to all Contractor’s requests, in a timely manner in accordance with the EPC Contract requirements and without delaying the Contractor.
• Ensure that the proposed completion date is adhered to and shall monitor the EPC Contractor’s progress and shall assess and maintain suitable records to indicate the progress of the works as they proceed. These records shall be in addition to those supplied by EPC Contractor:
• The Consulting Engineer shall keep detailed records of all delay events and advise the Employer promptly on any delay event.
• The Consulting Engineer shall also monitor and record the start and finish dates of each activity.
• The Consulting Engineer shall inform the EPC Contractor of delay events caused by him with emphasis to cases of recurrent delay. On regular basis, the Consulting Engineer shall remind the contractor in writing of all delayed activities.
• Continuously, analyses and assess the Works at site and compare with the approved program. Identify slippages and delays with their reasons, work out mitigation actions and report to the Employer promptly. This might be required to be carried out in liaison with the EPC Contractor.
• Calculate progress based on time and cost and compare with planned progress and elapsed time.
• Maintain delay reports which include daily activities, events and resources.
• The Consulting Engineer shall be responsible for any delays caused by him, especially cases of delayed responses by him on EPC Contractor's requests for information, requests for inspection, material and drawing submittals. If the EPC Contractor submittals/requests are beyond the capacity of the Consulting Engineer’s Supervision staff, then the Consulting Engineer shall provide office support from his head office to respond professionally on all Contractor's submittals. The Consulting Engineer shall keep records of submittals dates and reply dates. Replies to EPC Contractor's submittals and requests shall comprehensive and depth. Partial reviews or repeated reviews for differing reasons for the same submittal by the Consulting Engineer or rejection of submittals without major reasons and justification will not be accepted. Such delays and unprofessional practices by the Consultant may result on penalties on the Consulting Engineer.
• The Employer considers that any valid claims raised by the EPC Contractor against acts and delays caused by the Consulting Engineer will be compensated from the consultant on back to back basis.
• Agree with the EPC Contractor and the Employer on a format for the monthly payment certificate and process of review and payment as per the Contract.
• Issuing Interim and Final Certificates for payments to the EPC Contractor.
• Reporting on the financial status of the work’s progress (as described in the above monthly report section).
• Ensuring that agreed budgets are not exceeding, and controlling expenditure within such agreed amounts. Maintain overall budget/cost phasing (monthly phasing) for the full project period taking into consideration the additional works, variation orders, etc. this is required to be updated every month and submitted with the monthly report.
• Exploring cost saving opportunities, where possible and monitoring expenditure at all times.
• Verification of the accuracy of the measurement of the Works by the Contractor.
• Timely review and issue periodic checking of the quantities of Works remaining and constant checks of the total contract value. The Consultant shall also and prior to completion of the Project, with the assistance of the Consultant's site supervision staff, arrange for the proper measurement of the quantities of the Works completed and calculate its value, if required.
• Issuance of written Site Instructions (SI), Engineers Instruction (EI) and Variation Orders (VO) to the EPC Contractor after obtaining Employer's written approval as and when required. Keep logs and detailed records and copies of all Site Instructions, Engineer's Instructions and Variation Orders including time and cost implications.
• Promptly examine and prepare recommendations on claims from the EPC Contractor for extensions of time, payment for extra work and other similar matters, and negotiate with the Contractor on the rates for any unscheduled items or work which arise and submit recommendations on these to the Employer. Preparing necessary change orders in accordance with such changes in the project as may be ordered or approved by the Employer, together with an analysis of appropriate payments to be made to the EPC Contractor in respect of such changes.
• The Consulting Engineer shall maintain and submit to the Employer monthly attendance time sheets of his supervision staff (or along with the invoices) and daily attendance log sheets (signed by all personnel deployed on site). The Employer has the right to check/inspect such logs either continuously or randomly.

A Civil/Mechanical or related field with 20+ years of experience, 10 years of which he/she shall have worked with a consultancy and completed at least two (2) projects of similar size/value as a Resident Engineer/Project Manager from project inception to closeout. Shall be Site based and a PMP Certificate holder with high project management skills shall be preferred.


Job Location: Sohar ( Oman)

Brief description of the Project:

The IWTF is composed of the following systems:

1) Waste receiving system.
• Bulk sampling area.
• Unloading and quarantine area.

2) Unloading of solvent bulk waste.

3) Unloading of solid organic waste (pit).

4) Pre-treatment for containerized liquid organic waste.

5) Pre-treatment for containerized solid organic waste.

6) Oil pre-treatment plant.

7) Special waste handling system.
• TEAL and pesticides.
• Manual sorting.

8) Incineration Plant completed with boiler and flue-gas cleaning system. The central control room is in this plant.

9) Heat recovery system (Steam turbine, kettle for steam production for external users (planned for but not included in the tenders), air condenser, deaerator);

10) Water chilling system.

11) Tank farm system.

12) Physical-chemical treatment plant (including treatment for inorganic liquid with solvents).

13) Solidification plant (phase1).

14) Landfills (Phase1).

15) Compressed air and nitrogen production systems, instrument air, atomising air (service air).

16) Isolate tank for liquid nitrogen (Dewar, optional).

17) Demineralized water production system.

18) Power supply.

19) Fire-fighting system.

20) Maintenance workshop (mechanical and electrical) for plant.

21) Truck wash and tank cleaning (internal cleaning).

22) Administration building.

23) Visitors Centre building.

24) Service building for all staffs (attached to the Laboratory).
• Canteen for all worker
• Changing and Shower
• Building for fire brigade



Apply - Resident Engineer/Project Manager Oman