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  • 1 month ago

jobs description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrade, operation and maintenance of the company's multiple office environments (including office computers, mobile devices, network facilities and other ancillary equipment) to ensure the normal operation of the daily office desktop environment

2. Sort out the company's network risk points, formulate rectification plans, analyze daily operation data, carry out performance improvements and security reinforcements for weak points, continue to promote efficient multi-regional networking, continue to improve the high availability of basic networks, continue to improve the security of network architecture, and continuously Improve network operation efficiency

3. Responsible for the maintenance of the company's video conferencing, access control systems, printers, video surveillance, etc., respond immediately to sudden failures, troubleshoot and solve problems

4. Proficient in server Linux, Windows system, macOS... system installation, proficient in the installation, configuration and common problem handling of commonly used office software and desktop application software

5. Be proficient in wireless network optimization technology, have the ability to analyze and optimize wireless network problems, and ensure the smooth and efficient operation of wireless office networks

6. Familiar with IDC and network architecture, and proficient in network security products of mainstream manufacturers: such as firewalls, Internet behavior, IPS, WAF, DDos, VPN and other security protection equipment

7. Have certain ability to withstand pressure, good sense of communication and collaboration, and treat work seriously and responsibly


1. Applicants with experience in large-scale office network architecture design, implementation, operation and maintenance will be given priority

2. Preferred those who hold CCNA/CCNP/HCIA/HCIP


Apply - Office Network Administrator Singapore