Learn How to Bypass Facebook Code Generator
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1 year ago

First, users need to understand What is Facebook Code Generator? A Facebook code generator is a security feature present in the Facebook application. It is used to coordinate with two-factor authentication. After two-factor authentication, users will get a unique security code from their devices to verify an individual. 

Why Facebook Authentication Code is Important?

It is enormously advised users enable the two-factor authentication feature. Because if the users are logging in from anyone’s device or from another location, then Facebook will ask for a security code to log in which ensures the security of its users. If users are not interested to enable the same for their account, then an individual just needs their username or email address and password to log in to the Facebook application which sometimes can be risky because it increased the chances of hacking one's profile by others.

Where to Find Facebook Confirmation Code?

Users can access the confirmation code in three different ways mentioned below:

  • Users can get an authentication code on their contact number linked with their account, from the Facebook application.
  • Several authentication apps are now available such as Duo or Google authenticator (Facebook code generator app). 
  • Also, the Facebook application generates fresh codes every 30 or 60 seconds.
  • Or from the backed-up list of Facebook recovery codes.

Steps to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication:

  • Step 1: Browse Facebook, click on the arrowhead in the top right, to follow the menu,
  • Step 2: Move further to Settings and Privacy, then settings, and lastly towards Security and login,
  • Step 3: Click on “Edit” next to use Two-Factor authentication under Two-Factor Authentication, and enter the password if required,
  • Step 4: Select the method to use for Facebook verification and click on “Next”,
  • Step 5: Users will get redirected to the text message page where they need to enter the Six-digit code by following the text that had been sent to the contact number,
  • Step 6: Click Finish after entering a code, (users can now add an authentication app, save recovery codes, and create a security key)

What to Do When Lost the Phone and Can’t Access Facebook Code Generator Bypass?

Facebook texts Confirmation Code: If users planned to change their contact number, Facebook can text users an authentication or verification code only on the linked contact number with their account. From the login code page select Need another way to authenticate? then click on Text me a Login code and wait until the text will appear on the screen. Users can also let Facebook call them.

Use Saved Recovery Codes: Users got a chance to save several recovery codes as a backup after setting up Two-Factor Authentication. Users are guided to save recovery codes as soon as they get access to their accounts. If ever, users lost their access to the code generator they can use one of the recovery codes to log in to the Facebook application from anywhere or from any device.

Approve Log In from an Authorized Device: After successfully logging in, Facebook asks their users to remember it or not. In this scenario, users don’t need a login code to access Facebook. Check if you’re still logged in on any of the devices. When you found a device, where users are still enabled to access Facebook, a notification will be reflected to approve the new login.

However, a code generator is the most effective and convenient way to access Two-Factor Authentication without the contact number. Also, the code generator is available in the Facebook application itself for iOS and Android users.