Top Five Digital Marketing Trends that You Should Know About
1 year ago

There is always a huge interest in digital marketing trends and innovation in marketing around the turn of each year. Digital marketing is always changing and evolving, but 2023 will likely hold some dramatic changes. Businesses and brands must not only plan for the future of digital marketing but be prepared to take advantage of it. Each year, we witness new and unexpected digital trends that lay the foundations for the future of marketing.

To help digest and navigate the year ahead, we’ve broken down the key digital marketing trends to be aware of in 2022


1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses more on creating innovative machines and technologies, specifically programmed with the capability of carrying out tasks with proper reasoning like human intelligence. The progressive development of AI has become beneficial for today’s business owners and managers. Artificial intelligence can help you to analyze consumer behavior and search patterns. 


social media platforms, Google, and blog sites have specific features that function to gather all the data from impressions, likes, comments, visits, audience, buyer persona, and more. This data will give you insight into your overall digital marketing performance. If you are able to evaluate and analyze the data presented, you’ll come up with the right solutions to bring your business to the top. 


2. Chatbots

A Chatbot is a software application that is used to conduct conversations online, commonly via text or speech. Big businesses have often used chatbots to minimize the time a customer waits to get through to customer service. In 2021, they’ll continue to serve an instrumental role in digital marketing. The biggest advantage of chatbots is that they can be integrated into a business’s social media messaging apps. A customer’s query/request will always be instantly responded to, improving the overall customer experience. Brands like Lyft use chatbots making it possible to request a ride via chat or voice, additionally, their chatbot will also notify you of the driver’s location.


3. Social Messaging App

Social media platforms are offering a great opportunity for you to promote your services and market your products. With billions of users active on social media platforms, you’ll have the chance to reach a bigger and wider audience. According to the statistic publish on https://algoseabiz.com/blog/top-12-digital-marketing-trends/, over 10 billion messages are sent daily between consumers and businesses via Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp has over 1 billion users and around 55 billion messages are delivered daily on the app. This statistic proves that direct personal communication via social messaging apps is efficient for marketing. 


4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of today’s most efficient digital marketing types. It has become a top marketing trend due to the rapid increase of smartphone users. Today’s generation tends to spend more time on watching marketing videos than reading your promotional posts on websites or social media platforms. People find video content more interesting, compelling, and engaging. This is a great opportunity for you to boost your brand awareness and increase your sales with video marketing.  

5. Personalization

This is a way of communicating with customers that make them feel valued and cared for through personalized content, products, emails, content, and more. The reason behind personalization becoming a top digital marketing trend attributes to the fact that 63% of consumers are commonly irritated by generic advertising blasts. Something as simple as including a customer’s name in promotional content goes a long way. This is proved by the 90% of consumers who claim that they find personalization appealing.


These 5 digital marketing trends are worth-tried. Many businesses have become successful in their marketing campaigns using these strategies.