Which Kurti Would Make You Look Slimmer
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1 year ago

Cheers to a fresh start in 2023! We presume that many of you have made fantastic plans for this year, and for the chubby and curvaceous ones, slimming down is one of the most exciting ambitions. May your new fitness regimen yield the desired results soon, but we have some quick fixes that can make you seem inches thinner in the decade's trendiest ethnic garment - the kurti. We, at Shree, have the widest range of fresh arrival kurtis that enable us to provide you with awesome winter collection for women

A kurti, the most popular Indian silhouette, is a wardrobe staple that ladies cannot live without these days. If you struggle with your weight and enjoy wearing kurtis and tunics, you should read this piece all the way through. These simple tricks will not only provide the appearance of a well-toned figure, but will also boost your confidence. With stylish winter wear for ladies, ethnic fashion has become a must-have for women out there. 

It's that time of year again when most of us will reach for easy-breezy kurtis for practically all of our events, whether they are party evenings or casual day outings. The best thing about kurtis is their versatility. They look great with ripped jeans for a day out with friends or with straight pants for a more formal occasion. Go for the new arrival winter collection for women to grab the best outfits from Kurtis & kurtas collection

Fashion serves as a getaway and a means to fully accentuate a woman's natural beauty, regardless of shape, size, or plus size. Women who desire to look slender and trim could use clothing, particularly the Kurti. It's never been easier to look thinner, and our apparel will make it even easier. Here are some ideas and tactics for plus size ladies to look thinner in their kurtis. 


  • A Straight-Cut Kurti Should Be Your First Choice

You may be drawn to A-lines, anarkalis, and asymmetrical kurtis in the market, but these will all make you appear overweight. If you want to appear small and tall, choose a straight-cut kurti with no flares, as these might make you appear broader. Choose a straight kurti cut; it's not like there aren't any decorative pieces in normal cuts. There will be plenty of possibilities in the market, one being this cute straight-cut off-white kurta for women with a floral print!

If you're looking for a nice summer clothing, we've got you covered with the best style available. Wear this off-white floral printed kurti from Shree to any daytime event. In this off-white floral printed kurti, you'll look simple but attractive. The kurta has a mandarin collar neckline with a lovely floral pattern on the midriff, three-quarter sleeves, and a straight fit hemline. The flowery pattern on the kurta adds to its elegance. Because the kurta is constructed of georgette fabric, there is no need to be concerned about creases. Wear it with the appropriate bottoms and accessories and you're ready to go! This particular off-white kurta is also available in mint green color.

You can look slim in a perfect straight-cut kurta like the one above. But there are more ways to make you look slimmer. Read ahead.


  • Your Choice of Fabric Should Be Good

Summer has arrived, and you should choose lighter textiles. Instead of thicker textiles like silk or chanderi, choose cotton, chiffon, or georgette. These will make you appear a few kilos heavier than you are. Lighter textiles will reduce excess bulk and make you appear slimmer.

We would also suggest that, along with picking the right fabric, make sure that you choose darker colors:

Keep in mind that darker colors make you look leaner and taller. Choose kurtis in dark colours such as black or blue. These colors will add height to your design. To finish the look, choose a bottom in a matching dark tone or a contrasting one.

Pick a kurta in olive, dark green, navy blue, magenta, and such colors, to look slimmer whenever you wear them. For an instance, go for this cute olive floral printed kurta.

Choose this stunning olive coloured floral kurti from Shree to stand out! This olive floral printed kurta has a straight silhouette, a mandarin collar neckline, and regular sized sleeves. The kurta also includes a pocket on one side for added practicality. The olive floral printed kurta is appropriate for a dinner date or a casual day out. The floral print covers the entire kurta, making it perfect for a hot summer day. Wear it with the correct bottoms! Buy now to look beautiful and slimmer.


  • Always Wear Longer Sleeves

Do you prefer your kurtis with or without sleeves? Keep your body type in consideration when selecting a kurti. If your arms are bulky, avoid sleeveless kurtis in favour of full length or 3/4th sleeves, which cover your arms and make you appear thin.

If you are yet to lose that holiday weight, for the time being, go for longer sleeves or three-quarter-length sleeves. Don’t buy sleeveless kurtas for that will accentuate your shoulders and arm, which we are sure you wouldn’t want at the moment.

Here is a grey ornamental printed kurta trouser and dupatta set that is ideal for those of you who wish to wear longer sleeves for some time.

The grey ornamental printed kurta is your best pick of the season if you wish to wear full-sleeved clothes for a while. This kurta is fully-embellished with cute ornamental print that is also replicated at its dupatta. The trousers that it comes paired with also have a hint of that same print. Besides this, the entire kurta is adorned in velvet color, which allows you to look gracious while keeping your comfort intact.

Don’t wait for these styles to run out of stock. Learn ways to look slimmer in kurtas and kurtis collection and start adding your favorites to the cart.

Happy shopping with Shree!