Surprise Your Staff with Digital Gift Cards This New Year
1 year ago

To ensure your organization’s success, it is important that you acknowledge your employees’ happiness quota. Happiness is subjective. Certainly, it is not measurable on a simple scale.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and for many the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving and ends with New Year’s Day. Everyone loves the season because the moods of the people change to joy once they see the sparkling lights placed on buildings with stars twinkling to signal new year’s arrival.  Keeping the morale and productivity  of the employees high during the holiday season can be tough. The pull (and stress) of family and vacations can cause employees to be distracted, or lose interest.

The office is one place where a person spends the significant portion of his or her day. It is now a tradition in all the offices that the commencement of the year and goodbye to the previous year is celebrated with feasts and gifts. During all the festivities and celebrations, it is the employer and the human resource professionals who keep the organisation happy and upbeat.  

Corporate gifting has become an integral part of running a successful business nowadays. Corporate gifts like Sodexo Gift Card (Sodexo Premium Pass, Sodexo Meal card), help build new relationships and strengthen old ones, create goodwill, and promote a business.

Initially, the practice involved gifting things like goodies or hampers. However, these corporate gifts for employees did not add value to the employee’s life. Over the past few years, gifting has been personalised to make it more meaningful. To make the practice hassle-free, gift cards for employees have surprisingly eased the task to a great extent. To the delight of the management, it is a budget-friendly option too!

To break the notion of the tradition of corporate gifting, many industries are now adopting digital gift card services. One of the companies that make corporate gifting easier is Sodexo.

The company acknowledges the importance of uniform yet personalised gifting in an organisation. To comply with this, Sodexo offers reloadable cards that can be gifted to the employees. The Sodexo Celebration Pass is a Gift Card that is accepted at two million retail outlets pan India on the RuPay network. Not only that, it is vastly accepted online, across 90,000 leading online portals like Amazon, Myntra, Shoppers Stop and many more! The authenticity of the solution increased when Sodexo joined hands with Zeta to enhance their tech platform. This merger brings a lot of benefits to the user like - keeping a track on their spends, make QR-based payment, generating a dynamic PIN etc. Moreover, one can save taxes on ₹ 5,000/- every year.

Apart from the perks that the employee enjoys on these Gift Cards, the employer benefits too. He can fix an amount as per the budgets allocated and can  The organisation can fix a value as per the allocated budget and can enjoy hassle-free administration of these Gift Cards. Now that you know that Sodexo Gift Cards are a steal deal, surprise your employees with something fresh and unique like a digital gift card this new year.