15 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Women
1 year ago

Getting into a relationship is one of the most interesting things to experience. Men are probably the most enthusiastic when it comes to getting into relationships. Ladies on the other hand often always pretend to show very little interest in getting attached to a man. The funny thing is, men find it very difficult committing to a single lady even in marriage. No matter how perfect the relationship is, men will still distracted from theirpartner who are supposed to be immediate and only responsibility. It’s as though you could never stop a man from going astray in a relationship. This is not to say only the men cheat in relationships. Of course women do cheat too. But studies have proven that women most at times only cheat when they are emotionally unsatisfied, unlike men who may do it just for the fun of it or perhaps because they cannot bare being with one women every day. This makes it even more complicated dealing with men and affairs.

Men who cheat on their girlfriends/wives become amazingly creative when they try to give some explanations to their misconduct. It is fascinating how they even manage to blame others for their actions. It could be their wives, their colleagues, their boss or even the other woman, and some of them are so perfect you believe them instantly, unless you caught them in the very act. It’s almost impossible to feel completely secured as a lady when you are into any serious relationship with any man. You always feel suspicious of your man either because you don’t trust him or simply because you might not trust the company he keeps knowing that his friends are likely going to influence his decisions negatively. Every lady should feel insecure as men will always be men. The big question here is why do some men always cheat no matter how smooth their relationships are? Below we examine some 15 reasons why men cheat on their women and/or girlfriends.

  1. Immaturity

Some men who cheat on their partners or their spouses are simply adventurers and grossly immature. Some have never been into any serious relationship and they feel every relationship they get themselves into is simply another adventure to experience and move to the next after their sexual desires have been satisfied. These men understand very little of the consequences of their actions and most often act with carelessness. They do not understand the hurt caused to their victims.

Other men drag this immaturity right into their marital homes and continue with their unfaithfulness in marriage. They see monogamy as an uncomfortable coat that could be worn and taken off at any point in time for their other selfish desires to be fulfilled. Some men even go as far as cheating just to impress their friends with a string of sexual conquests. They think it is impressive deceiving their girlfriends or wives and flirting with other women. There are men who go as far as bragging about it. Immature men see having affairs with different women as a game they ought to play before getting to old age. Such men should be dumped immediately before they make nonsense of your feelings for their pleasures.

  1. They have been cheated on before

One very serious reason why men have affairs out of their marital homes is because they had been victims of such circumstances from their past relationships. Someone may think on the other hand that such a circumstance should make the man be the suspicious one towards his wife and not be the one committing the act. Yes indeed, his past experiences make him suspicious of any one in a relationship with him, but it equally makes him realize not everyone can really be trusted, so he prefers cheating on his spouse or fiancée or girlfriend because he fears being hurt again. It is easy to forgive but never too easy to forget. So the experiences that made him what he became are engraved in his mind and he acts based on them.

  1. The feeling of insecurity

Sometimes, when husbands cheat, it is because they are afraid of the factor of aging. Some young people do it because they feel they are not rich enough, handsome enough or not just too smart enough to be integrated into the social setting of the society, and funny enough, they feel it is by having numerous affairs with different women that they may feel accepted and part of the society. He thinks it is essential to seek this recognition from the opposite sex rather than his own male friends so that the confirmation could be without doubt.

  1. They are bored

It is amazing to believe that men who cheat do so because they are simply bored. Some are bored being with the same person over and over, bored being married to the same woman for life, and want to have different experiences other than what they always get when back from their places of work. After the enthusiasm of the honeymoon and their sexual excitement you both had after marriage, everything all of a sudden starts slowing down with what you did frequently suddenly becoming more and more sporadic. Sex is less frequent, and spending time together is no longer as exciting and romantic as it used to be before. All these turnout of events really bore men and they feel they have to look elsewhere in order to have the fun the always crave for, consequently leading to unfaithfulness in marriage

  1. Childhood abuse experiences

If some men are cheats today, it cannot solely be blamed on their ego and selfish desires, but a flashback at the experiences of their youth could also account for such behavior from a grown up man. His reactions or his actions towards his family could be reenacting violence that was perpetrated on him while he was still innocent. The abuse could have been in form of physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or any other forms of physical and psychological abuse that made him to lose his touch of intimacy. With these memories making him unable to commit to one person or partner, he finds the act of jumping from one woman to the next in search of sexual pleasure as a means of healing the wounds of the past. However, childhood abuses could equally affect women in their future lives. The difference is, while men may react to these circumstances by cheating and getting into promiscuity as a solution, women may have a completely different reaction to them. The same conditions will make women avoid getting into any intimacy with any man in the future, as it gives them painful memories of what happened in the past.

  1. Their relationship isn’t the perfect one

Nobody ever has a perfect relationship. Relationships only manage to thrive based on the level of trust the partner’s accord to each other. Some of the relationships are strengthened due to the jealousy and the care that exist in between partners. While other men may try to work hand in glove with their partners in order to make a better relationship, others turn to cheating in order to make themselves feel better and feel relevant. It is better for a man to break his relationship with his partner if he no longer feels attached to her than to cheat on the woman with another.

This only hurts her and gives her very little chance of moving on with her life in her subsequent relationships if she finally has to let go of you. It’s funny to imagine that these men are the sole cause of their imperfect relationships because what drew them to their partner was mere lust for the flesh, or just for the fun of having a girlfriend or getting married to a woman to prove his manhood, without taking to consideration the feelings of the person being engulfed in their web of confusion.

  1. They do not feel sexually satisfied

Not being sexually satisfied could account for more than 70% of reasons for unfaithfulness in marriage. Men who cheat would always tell you how they are neglected and dejected by their wives at home or less taken care of by their girlfriends or spouses. They tend to feel the only way to get the attention they deserve is to go for another lady who will give them the attention they deserve. Most of these dumb excuses are easy to come by. Most men feel that if they are not given the sexual satisfaction they desire from their spouses, then it is very normal to cheat on them, since he doesn’t have to force her into doing so. This fact equally suggests that girlfriends/wives are able to control their husbands/boyfriends from cheating on them by simply giving them what they really desire the most, which is sexual pleasure.

Some women who are not yet married may use sex as a tool to lure the men into marriage, and after starve the man of his desires. This will obviously make him look elsewhere to satisfy himself. In some scenarios, the man who is not sexually satisfied goes to the extent of wanting to get married to another woman or may even file for a divorce from his wife because she doesn’t give him the sex he requires. There have been many cases of divorce with the sole cause being lack of sexual satisfactionfrom spouses.

  1. Mere selfishness

It is funny to think that men and affairs out of their marital homes are two things almost inseparable. When men cheat, you may think it is just a simple mistake made which would be corrected, or maybe they have been left sexually unsatisfied by their wives or girlfriends or other marital issues. It is disheartening to know that some men do cheat just because they are very selfish and think only about themselves in every relationship they find themselves, be it within or out of marriage.

To some men, the affairs they have out of their homes or without the knowledge of their spouses is just a game which everyone has to play in life. Such men find it very easy to lie and keep secrets away from their spouses without regret or remorse for the pain it might cause to his spouse if she finds out about it. Some of them never really intended to be monogamous in reality, but just had to put pen to paper to get the license of married men. Monogamy to them is a coat which can be worn and taken off at any point in time whenever they feel necessary. Rather than seeing his vow of monogamy made to his spouse as a sacrifice made to his wife, he sees it as a huge burden to simply walk around when necessary.

  1. Get rid of his present relationship

Some men who cheat do so openly so as to send signals to their partners that they have had enough of the relationship. While other men do cheat on their girlfriends or their wives just for the sake of the pleasures of the body, some men rather use it as a means to tell their partners they are no longer interested in continuing with them. This is common with men who find it more difficult breaking up face to face with their girlfriends but want them to read the signs themselves and realize things cannot longer work out between them. Some men who don’t like being alone but are fed up with their present relationships may choose to start looking elsewhere in preparation for an imminent breakup with their spouses.

Men and affairs of moving from one woman to the next always seem to be an unending streak of frustration. Some feel they are unique and deserve something special which other men don’t have, equally being reason why men have affairs with different ladies in sole search of that soul refining happiness.

  1. When they don’t feel valued by their partners

Some men could be considered as total jerks and full of irresponsibility, reason why they cheat on their wives or girlfriends, some of the cheating men actually go into cheating on their partners due to some marital issues and dejections from within his home. One reasons why men have affairs could be because they are less valued by their wives whom they work tirelessly to impress. This impression of neglect by their partners could be in different forms depending on the individuals of course.

Some men feel rejected and devalued if their partners don’t talk frequently with them, if they don’t eat together, or even if they no longer participate in hobbies together like they used to do before. Some may feel they are not valued when their partners no longer give them regular sex, or spend most of their time giving their attention to other activities or other people. For instance, giving more attention to their children, giving more attention to their jobs and equally giving more attention to their children, having very little time for them to spend together as a couple.

This creates a feeling of neglect and emptiness in the man, who in turn solicits the services of someone who would give him the due respect and attention he requires as a man. So women have to learn to deal with men and affairs out of the marital home or the relationship because the least feeling of neglect from a woman by a man turns him off quite easily and from there disaster may strike.

  1. When they miss being adored and acclaimed by their spouses

It is common and very normal that in a relationship of two partners, the most pampered and adored of them is the lady.. But this does not mean the man himself does not enjoy being pampered. In fact, they may enjoy it more than the ladies themselves, especially if it is coming from the women they are in love with. When such specialcare given to men by their women start disappearing, the man will likely look elsewhere to get back what he has been missingfrom his spouse. This too accounts for a greater part of the reasons why men have affairs and practice gross unfaithfulness in marriage. When the feeling of being adored, admired and being desired is no longer there, then the worst will inevitably happen, especially when they are unappreciated too. All these are great contributors to the reasons why men have affairs and practice unfaithfulness in marriage

  1. When they feel ashamed about the desire for pleasure

When husbands cheat most often, it could be associated to the lack of love of the partner or spouse by the man. But the issue too could be that men and affairs out of their marital homes or relationships stem from the fact that the man could just feel too ashamed to feel too sex hungry in front of his partner. It really may sound funny but shame does drive people out for some adventure outside. In most cases, the man who goes out of his home to search for sex is deeply attached to his partner with much affection, but for the fact that he may not want to lose that much respect from his partner, decide to cheat on his partner in order to solve his sexual pleasures without his partner’s knowledge.

So the more difficult it is to ask for personal pleasures like sex and romance from our partners, be it the man or the woman, the more open that person is to go out of the way to get what makes him/her happy. Rather than risk the shame of being categorically rejected by the persons they love, they prefer to have it the wrong way. By the end of the day, they is a happy and satisfied family in the house, and there equally is satisfaction by the man on his personal desires.

  1. Just for the sake of adventure

Some times when husbands cheat, you may want to believe he had some valid reason for doing so. Maybe because of his wife’s long absence or because he is just frustrated. But it gets funny when you have to find out that when husbands cheat, a handful of them do so because they just want to experience of the adventurous part of it. The desire for adventure and risk taking by some men could go some distance in tampering with their marital lives. Some men seek to completely evade the everyday blank life of having to sit at home on weekends with kids, in front of the TV or the computer and others, by doing some activities which they perceive as daring and costly if they are caught, and find pleasure in doing it. Not a bad idea to say such men without regards for the family are not good for marital and if you could do anything to get rid of them, then it is up to you.

  1. When their partners are not available to them

When husbands cheat, one of the most probable thing you may hear them say is that their partners have been gone for too long or are not always at their disposal. This excuse may not only be for the man alone, but women too often fall prey to such excuses when they are exposed. However, during a period of absence of both partners, they become very vulnerable to such situations especially in situations involving the challenges that come with loss of fertility. So they might likely go for alternatives during these periods of absence with or without each other’s knowledge.

  1. To inflate their ego

Some people may likely never be satisfied with what anybody does for them and to them, and would always want to go the extra mile in order to get the satisfaction they really desire. For some men, cheating on their wives or girlfriends acts as a self –boost for them, as they feel very satisfied when they know they are also very much desired by the outside world.