Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut oil
1 year ago


The coconut palm tree (Cocos Nucifera) has been called different wonderful names by people of different cultures, traditions, and origins. The coconut plant is adored by many because every part of the coconut plant has some benefits. In Sanskrit, it is referred to as kalpa vriksha which means "the tree which provides all the necessities of life". Also, in the Malay language, it is pokok seribu guna which also means "the tree of a thousand uses". The Philippines also commonly refer to this adorable coconut plant as the "tree of life." Coconut oil stems from the coconut seed and it has various uses and benefits and is also of much economic value. Coconut grows best in sandy areas by the seas and most people make their daily income from growing, harvesting and selling this coconut and even the coconut oil. Coconut is considered a special plant because it has a lot of water. sometimes called the coconut milk. This water in the coconut seed can be taken as an alternative of the normal water we consume.


The white fleshy part of the coconut is equally very important as it can be eaten just the way it is as food or processed to have coconut oil. The hard shell is not also left out because it can be used as firewood. Therefore the coconut seed is a combination of food, water and firewood, the main reason why many have referred to it as “a tree of life” since it is an embodiment of the necessities of life.


Coconut oil on a more detailed look is an edible oil which is extracted from the coconut flesh. It is cooked and milled and then the oil extracted by boiling (the oil comes up and the water remains under and so the oil is drained from the water) or by simple distillation. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fat and it is unique because it is made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Medium-chain triglycerides have many potential health benefits. Coconut oil also has so many health benefits which will thrill you.


Generally, the coconut plant is a wonderful creation of God. Not only that it can be eaten as food or processed to coconut oil but the coconut trunk equally has many medicinal uses. Coconut trees beautify beaches around the world and act as some form of shelter while the leaves and the hard shell are also often used for decoration in all parts of the world. No wonder it is adored by many!


Coconut oil health benefits.


Coconut oil improves the moisture content of the skin: studies have shown that people with dry skin have successfully used coconut oil to remedy the situation. One of the many coconut oil health benefits is that when applied on the skin, it prevents the skin from remaining dry as it adds moisture to it. This is because of the high fat content of coconut oil. Pure coconut oil equally has the ability to protect the skin from skin disorders like eczema as they are often found growing on dry skin but when the skin is moist due to the application of coconut oil, it prevents the growth of eczema. Therefore, pure coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer. It can also prevent the skin from getting affected by ultraviolet rays, though coconut oil is a weak sunscreen as it only repels about 20% of the ultraviolet rays, but regular application can do the trick.


Coconut oil is easily absorbed, so it does not block the pores like other mineral oils. This aspect makes coconut oil unique because rather than blocking the pores, it hydrates and softens the skin by sinking deep into the cells. It also allows for a healthier complexion as it naturally clears away dirt and dead skin cells.


You may want to find out how you can apply coconut oil on your skin. This is how; after washing your face with water, dry with a towel and apply a small amount of coconut oil to your face every morning and night. In this case, you are using it as a face moisturiser. You can equally use it for your whole body. Coconut can also be used as a makeup remover and works well even on waterproof makeups. It is put on a cotton bud and used to gently wipe the face.


Coconut oil reduces acne: coconut oil can be used as an acne remover. With the presence of the lauric acid in pure coconut oil, it is capable of killing bacteria that causes acne on the face and can easily moisturise the face in less than no time. Application of coconut oil on the face for acne treatment demands psychological preparation because when you begin the treatment, you will realise that the acne on your face increases and some even get bigger. At this point you should not get scared because the coconut oil is rather at the first stage of treating your face. When the acne seems to increase when you begin applying coconut oil, don’t get scared because the coconut oil is just getting rid of toxins from your skin and helping to cleanse your skin for an effective acne treatment.


Toxins are the things that weaken your liver and cause the skin to become very oily and more prone to acne. Therefore another coconut oil health benefit is that it helps to eliminate toxins from the skin. An important point to take note of is that when your acne increases at this point, don’t give up on the coconut oil but rather continue the application because in less than no time, your face will be cleared of acne. Also take note that when using coconut oil for acne treatment, it is of great importance to use only the organic virgin coconut oil, that is, use pure coconut oil with no other substance in order to prevent harmful damages from other chemicals.


When applying coconut oil for acne treatment, do not apply “too much” on your skin. Don’t think applying too much coconut oil on your skin it will give you a better or faster result. No. your face will rather be saturated with oil. Just put on a thin layer of the oil and rob gently until it absorbs and it will only absorb easily when you apply just a small quantity. Also make sure to properly clean the skin before applying coconut to it, if not, then your skin will not properly absorb the coconut oil.


Another amazing fact about acne treatment using coconut oil is that you need to improve on your diet and lifestyle in order for the oil to properly work on your face. Most of the food we consume daily may just be adding a whole lot of toxins into our bodies. If you also notice your acne increasing when you’ve began applying coconut oil on your skin, it could be an effect of the kind of food you eat. Make some changes to your diet like eating more natural foods than pre-packaged processed food and make it a habit to eat at home always and not out. This way, you know what you are eating but when you eat out, you won’t even know the junk you may be putting in your body.


Raw coconut oil prevents hair damage: pure coconut oil keeps the hair silky and prevents it from being dry. As a result, it keeps the hair growing healthy because when the hair remains silky when raw coconut oil is applied, it cannot break. Pure coconut oil reduces protein loss from the hair which may be as a result of constant brushing, colouring and styling. Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the hair shaft because it contains lauric acid which is not very bulky. Coconut oil is applied to the hair before washing in order to reduce the amount of protein lost in the course of washing and to reduce the amount of damage it sustains in the process of washing and while it stays wet. Hair is more prone to damage when it is wet because it goes through structural changes when it absorbs water. It is advisable to apply coconut oil on the hair before washing. Applying coconut oil to the hair after washing is also very important because it makes it softer and smoother thereby reducing the amount of friction during styling and prevents your hair from breaking.


Raw coconut oil can also help to grow your hair longer by keeping it moisturised, reducing hair breakage and protecting from environmental factors like smoke, sun and the wind or protein loss and damage.


To keep your hair beautiful by using raw coconut oil, you can apply it in the following ways; first, apply coconut oil as hair conditioner. After shampooing your hair, you can carefully comb the coconut oil through your hair. You can also apply raw coconut oil as a hair mask that is by applying it for a few hours before you wash it to prevent protein loss. This way, it is also used as a pre-wash protector. Finally, coconut oil can be applied as treatment for the scalp. Massage coconut oil gently into the hair scalp by yourself or with someone’s help and stay with it overnight then wash in the morning.


Improves dental care: one of the major and surprising coconut oil health benefits is that it can be used to take care of the teeth. It is used for cleaning and whitening of the teeth and can equally prevent tooth decay. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is a medium-chain fatty acid and coconut oil is the richest source of lauric acid in the world. What makes the lauric acid important is the fact that the body breaks down lauric acid into a compound known as monolaurin and these two components, that is the lauric acid and monolaurin have the power to kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi in the body. As such, coconut oil improves dental care because it helps to kill bacteria in the teeth and gums.


Research has shown that lauric acid is more effective at killing bacteria, fungi and viruses than the other saturated fatty acids. It attacks bacteria that are dangerous to the mouth like those that can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Coconut oil attacks common bacteria that causes tooth decay known as streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus by reducing these bacteria effectively. Therefore, coconut oil can prevent tooth decay and loss of teeth.


Coconut oil can be applied in the mouth in a process called oil pulling, that is, it is an act of rustling the coconut oil in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes and later spitting it out, therefore you use it exactly like your mouth wash. After doing this, you can then brush your teeth to make sure you have sent out all the bacteria which was pulled out. Each time you oil pull, the fatty acid in the coconut oil attracts and traps the bacteria in your teeth and pulls the out.


Coconut oil health benefits are quite enormous and very important. If you cannot afford the organic natural coconut oil, then you can make it a habit to consume coconut daily because research has proven that people in regions where coconut is highly consumed, look healthier than people in regions where it is rarely consumed.


Uses of coconut


Serves as a regular meal for some people:The Useful Native Plants of Australia, a book published in 1889, notes as an article of food that the kernel is of great importance to the inhabitants of the tropics. In the some parts of the world, it forms the principal food whereby, each person consumes four nuts per day, and also consumes the fluid also known as coconut milk as their beverage. Coconut is able to sustain people who consume it as their meal because it is made of many nutrients ranging from carbohydrates to vitamins and minerals. At least the coconut sustains people in places where it is difficult to get food. Coconut is also transformed in other forms which can be taken as snacks, for example, it is chopped and fried alongside sugar to give what is commonly known as “coconut sweet or coconut chips”. There are people who specialise in this line of business as it is loved by many. Therefore the uses of coconut ranges from sustaining lives to improving on the economy through business.


Coconut oil can be used for cooking: This is also one of the uses of coconut because when the coconut seed is processed to get the coconut oil, it can be used for frying, cooking, and making margarine. People who use coconut oil for frying have a higher chance of escaping from cholesterol associated diseases. Coconut oil is also preferable for frying because it is able to withstand high temperatures without being damaged by heat. Therefore, it is healthier. The white, fleshy part of the seed, the coconut meat, is used fresh or dried in cooking, especially in confections and desserts such as macaroons. It is also used to prepare some delicacies like coconut rice to add its amazing flavour to it. It can be added to many other savoury dishes and curries.


As earlier mentioned, coconut is an adorable nut not only because all its parts can be used but also because it can be transformed to any form; as oil, flesh and surprisingly, it can also be transformed to coconut flour which has also been developed to be used in baking, to fight against malnutrition in the world. Coconut chips are also fried from coconuts and have been sold in the tourist regions of Hawaii and the Caribbean. When coconut oil is left in its solid form, it is known as coconut butter but this name has also been adopted by some special products made of coconut milk solids or puréed coconut meat and oil. Dried coconut is also used as the filling for many chocolate bars. Some dried or fried coconut is purely coconut, but others are manufactured and fried with other ingredients, such as sugar, propylene glycol, salt, and sodium. Shredded or chipped coconut is used as a garnish on some foods. The fried coconut is also used to decorate ice cream.


The hard shell is used as firewood: In places where firewood is scarce, the coconut’s hard shell can be used as a substitute because it takes little time to become dry and has the ability to produce flames and heat when put in fire. From this, it’s obvious that the uses of coconut are great because every part of it is used in a different way. The uses of coconut oil should not be underestimated and only limited to it’s benefits as food. Some people have equally used coconut oil to lubricate or grease their cars and other machines.


Coconut oil is used to make soaps, body lotions and cosmetics. Soaps and body lotions made from coconut oil will help to improve the moisture of the skin. When makeup is made from coconut oil, it can confidently be used on the face without fear of getting face disorders like acne and eczemas because coconut oil removes toxins from the skin unlike other products which rather increases toxins in the skin when applied. This is the reason why many girls and women continue to find solutions from all kinds of face chemicals because they apply certain makeup without caring to know how the components of the makeup will affect their faces. But with coconut oil, you are guaranteed of a soft, clean and moisturized look. Coconut oil vitamins too are the reason why I would recommend the use of cosmetic products made from coconut oil because coconut oil acts as an antioxidant in your skin.


These soaps, lotions and cosmetics made from coconut oil are also of high economic value because many people in some parts of the world have specialised in this line of business and it is moving well for them due to the fact that many people are aware of the health benefits of coconut oil. The goods are constantly purchased for this fact.


Coconut oil vitamins


Some people have considered coconut oil to be source of Vitamin E but research has shown that coconut oil contains little or no Vitamin E . The good news is that coconut oil instead acts partly as a substitute for Vitamin E, that is, when coconut oil is consumed, it reduces the need for Vitamin E. Coconut oil is considered to be a great antioxidant due to its stability and resistance to oxidation. In other words, the antioxidant protection which can be gotten from Vitamin E can to some extent be gotten from coconut oil. Therefore, among the coconut oil Vitamins are Vitamin E and Vitamin K, though the amount of both vitamins is not very significant. Vitamin K is essential for injury response and regulates normal blood clotting. Vitamin K also helps in bone formation as it assists in the transportation of calcium to the entire body. Therefore, coconut oil Vitamins are almost insignificant in the body. Though almost insignificant, the coconut oil vitamins are of great help to the body because a good bone formation will mean more stability for the body and it will be difficult for one to get bone disorders with Vitamin K especially in those parts of the world where coconut and coconut oil are regularly consumed.


Other benefits of coconut oil


Easy digestion: The medium-chain fatty acid in coconut oil is more easily digested than other oils. Another advantage it has over other oils is that the fatty acids contained in coconut oil when consumed are immediately converted to energy rather than being stored as excess fat in the body like other fatty acids in other oils. With such energy in your body, you experience an increase in metabolic activities which will help you lose some fat.

Good for the heart: organic coconut oil is particularly good for the heart because it does not contain dangerous fat which detrimental to the health. The fatty acids in coconut are rather healthy for the heart as coconut oil promotes its health.