How to Maintain a Good Body Shape For Women
1 year ago

Majority of girls and women in the world today admire good body shape and desire to have such a shape especially if they see it in their own very close friends. To some, working it out is a waste of time and energy but they forget that every good thing in life comes at a price. The price of success in education is hard work and constant studies and in the office it’s commitment and discipline. In maintaining a good body shape you ought to do a lot of exercises and watch what you eat. Getting a perfect body shape isn’t a difficult thing though complex. All you need is to be consistent in the things you do and in your body shape exercises. In as much as you do workout for women and control your diet, don’t forget that you have to also avoid distractions of all kinds from family, school, friends and work. Nevertheless, doing all the above mentioned aspects is not the principal things to getting a beautiful body shape or an ideal figure, just keeping some good habits will go a long way to improve your body shape before you even know it. It is also important to know that keeping these good habits come with a lot of decisions and choices. Below are some of the things to be done to maintain a good body shape for women.


Exercising the body is a very important thing to do as far as losing some pounds to maintain an ideal figure is concern. Exercising the body also helps you to burn excess calories found in the body. It doesn’t only improve physique but also enhances posture, grace and balance. Natural peristaltic process is aided by the ease of digestion enhanced by exercise. Exercises such as:

Weight training. Weight lifting is one of the most recommended exercises to be done. Try lifting up things that are heavy. This will help burn calories from the body. At home you can lift up two pots filled with sand or stones. Doing body lifting exercises will build up your torso, hips arms and legs and before you know it you have lose weight and fallen back into a perfect body shape. Take this exercise seriously two times every week. It will cause an increase in your growth hormone. This exercise must be done early in the morning on an empty stomach. This will make the exercise to gain grounds and the body to be in a better position to shed some fat. It’s been noted that 30 minutes of cardio exercises help burn down 300 calories for an average female seize. Cardio also makes the body a fat burning machine and helps improve metabolism of the body. Weight lifting exercises help the body to burn fat thereby destroying extra muscles brought about by fatty tissues abs which builds up new tissues according to your workout and the ideal figure that you want.

Take the stairs. Walking up and down the stair case is a very important exercise to lose weight and keep the body in a proper and beautiful body shape. It relaxes the leg muscles and makes it swift. If you don’t have the opportunity to go walking outside and on long distances, you can walk on the stairs 5 times to make it effective. You can start by walking up and when coming down you increase your speed as to running down. By the second to the third time you are walking up with long steps and swiftly while swinging the arms. This will send a signal to the leg muscle making it ready for sports. This system is as effective as running and in this you also burn down calories which reduces fat given you the ideal figure you want for workout for women.

Dance. Make sure to combine your exercises with dancing. Get a friend with whom you two can dance and shed some fat. Dancing needs a lot of energy and breathe control such that if you are not careful and smart you can suffer from air tight especially when you are too tired from a serious move. Taking a friend to that dance class or to dance with you is to take away laziness and put you to a challenge. This exercise will help you lose weight as it is also a body shape exercise.

Squat. Squatting is also a very good exercise for weight loss. It has more to do with the leg muscle. You stand up straight with your two hands stretched in front of you, go down slowly keeping your back straight and your two thighs parallel to the ground then stand up again straight and straighten your legs. You can perform this exercise at least 10 times.

Rest. To maintain a beautiful body shape get enough rest. Rest your muscles from too much training for recovery or repairs. Do little exercises and rest and avoid mixing exercises or forcing the body to exercise because you want to get to a particular point. Rest if you feel tire. It is very important to rest the muscles. Too much training will make you lethargic.




Sleep. As far as losing weight is concern, sleep is a very important component to be taken into consideration. It has been proven that better sleeping habits contributes to weight loss. Naturally, sleep is necessary to increase weight. Most at times doctors will instruct or advice their patients to have a longer time to sleep and rest and also to eat well. If you don’t control your sleeping habits, you can become obese as well as thin. At least 7 to 8 hours sleep at night will help you maintain a good shape. You have to interfere with your sleeping time table during the day to break down the possibility of fat in the body. Leptin and ghrelin, hormones that regulates appetite cannot function well if there is a great deprivation of sleep for the body. As a result, such a person is likely to indulge in poor eating habits. Hence, weight loss. Sleep control is a good workout for women. That is to say avoid sleeping too much especially during the day and at night, 7 to 8 hours sleep is just perfect.

Eat small meals. It’s disheartening to know that people want to lose weight yet their one segment of meal is close to that of two to three persons. It’s preferable to eat 6 small meals than 3 heavy meals which can instead add weight rather than reduce or maintain it. To maintain an ideal figure and enjoy a beautiful body shape, watch out on your eating habit. Most people find it very difficult to eat or maintain 6 small meals when losing weight is concern but it’s a big secret to attaining your goals.

Eating small meals will start up spin cycle which is caused by the thermic effects of foods, that leads to quick metabolism. Lean protein causes a 30% thermic effect while vegetables causes a 20% thermic effect. Meanwhile the thermic effect of fats and carbohydrate is 3% which is the lowest of them all. Thus, eating small 5-6 meals with high fiber accelerates the body’s natural rate of calorie burning process. Irregular binding and craving is prevented by frequent meals. The energy level stays high and the body is satisfied. Eating too much food prevents the body from taking its slim form. Take time to chew food well and swallow so that it will give your body time to send signal to your brain that it’s full.

Eat only when you feel hungry. Having a perfect body shape requires one not to be a glutton. That is, you eat everything eatable, and drink everything drinkable. For you to avoid eating at every given opportunity, you should eat only when you are hungry and not because you feel like eating or because you have seen something to eat. Never the less, don’t stay too long before you eat especially when you feel hungry. Make sure to eat as soon as you feel hungry, leaving your system to be too hungry before your eat will cause you to eat more than you were supposed to eat. That will not be good for your course to maintain a beautiful body shape. Make sure not to eat after 8pm and eat well during the day, it will help you sleep well. There are times that your body really signals you on the state of being hungry but you don’t feel like eating, you can sip either tea or coffee so you don’t starve yourself and change the real essence of your program which is to have a perfect body shape and not starvation.

Also be careful not to eat more than you are supposed to eat especially when you are out on a date or with friends in a party. The probability to eat more is very high since you have little or no control over your diet especially your drinks due to peer pressure or wanting to meet up to others. Just put it at the back of your mind that from the day you decided you have that ideal body, you were set out on a mission and so there should be no room for distractions of any form.

Chew food well before swallowing. Most at times we eat and make calls at the same time, manipulating our phones and discussing at the meal table. Talking of table manners is not just to avoid spittle on the food or choking while at meal but it’s also for you to give your brain the time to understand when the stomach is full. This process takes up to 20 minutes. Talking in between that 20 minutes will send the wrong signals to the brain, and you can end up eating more because you don’t feel how full the stomach is. Take time to chew your food so that the deeper part of the brain can keep record of what you are eating. Completely swallow food before taking into your mouth another morsel. Also set time for your eating habit and don’t let anything cancel your program. Take it seriously alongside workout for women, it will help you get a perfect body shape.



What we eat has a great impact on our body and health. When we eat healthy foods and have a proper diet time table, we have a healthy life. Healthy foods provide us with nutrients that keeps the body full and satisfied. The list below will give you foods that will help you burn down fat.

Water. Be sure to drink water everyday of your life. Hunger pangs are all signs of dehydration. Water cleans the system and leave it clean for whatever you chose to eat. Now, when you take water it is easier for you to control your body to its designed shape that you want. Drink warm water and a slice of lemon in it in the morning on an empty stomach. This will hasten the loss of weight. Drink a glass of water every before meal, it will create a sensation of being full and as a result you will eat less and a considerable quantity of food. You can also take herbal tea, juice and soy milk to improve the dehydration rate level in your body.

Replace high fatty meals with alternatives. You can replace meat with beans and mushrooms, they are excellent replacement products. Be careful to replace high fatty meal with a befitting alternative. But not to take a very high and fat meals alternatives. You will just be moving from bad to worst and this will not help your training program. Body shape exercise has a lot to do with the kind of meals you take and how often you take them. After replacing meat with another supplement, you can still decide to take meat once a week. But it will be good to avoid fatty meats and go instead for lean meats like turkey breast and chicken. Stay away from the use of cream and oily dressings on salads. Avoid fat in every way possible as it will make you heavy, hence, be a barrier to the perfect body shape you are aiming at.

Reduce your intake of snack. Snacks are not entirely bad because they provide energy between meals. But you have to reduce the level of snacks you take in a day in order to avoid fat. Also avoid junk foods and chocolate intake. Instead of going for healthy snacks, you can go in for nuts, yogurt, green or chicken salad. At times, it’s difficult to set a routine and follow it. You can just look for a nutritionist to set a routine for you to follow which will help you for your slim body maintenance program while going along with workouts for women and different body shape exercises to arrive at the ideal figure that you want.

Let go fruit juice and sugary beverages. Excess sugar is not good for the body because it also has a degree of fat that it renders to the body. Fruits contain a certain percentage of sugar after being process into juice which can nullify weight loss procedures. Sugary substances add more calories to the diet and it should be avoided. The level of insulin and blood sugar in the body is increased by alcoholic beverages which go a long way to encourage the storage of fat in the body. Also avoid the consumption of wine especially red wine. If you must take the red wine, two glass is enough for you because excess wine is detrimental to healthy living. You can hence trade high calorie foods for low calorie beverages and fruits or sugar free tea to slim down the body size.



There are foods that can possibly slim you down and give you the ideal figure that you want without you being hungry or taking a fast to slim down. Below are some of these foods.

Cucumbers. In order to maintain a slim body, eat cucumber on an empty stomach first thing in the morning every day. Cucumber contains 95% water and as a result, it’s a low calorie food which helps wash away toxic and fatty waist from the body. It’s also a fiber rich food and also fills you up such that you don’t get to fell hungry all the time.

Grapefruits. Grapefruits has a compound that reduces the insulin, (a hormone that stores fat) thereby leading to the loss of weight. The healthy carbohydrates and enzymes in grapefruits can keep you full for a long time, which is a very strong factor to the contribution of weight loss and the maintenance of a beautiful body shape. Grapefruits contains about 90% water and eating half grapefruit before every meal can help you loss about a pound of fat every week. Grapefruit is a fruit known worldwide and its importance when it comes to slim bodies.

There are several way of breaking down fat. Follow routines and stay focus to the course. Other ways include.

Find a fit friend. Most people don’t get to reach their target because they lack a motivation partner. They don’t only keep you company but they keep record of your activities and help you where you are lacking. They also add more time to your training time which will help you to burn more calories. Body shape exercise needs continuity and consistency. Having someone to go along with you can be of immense help to you. It’s been noticed that doing workout with a partner tend to add an extra six minutes more time to your original finishing time thereby burning about 41 calories of fat in the body.

Take it outside. Have you been used to the gym and nowhere else? Take your training outside to somewhere else which is bigger and spacious. A study by National Institute of Health found out “that people are likely to burn about 7% calories in the cold”. So if you are used to touching about 268 calories indoor in half-hour in a 12-minute-mile pace run, be sure to burn about 300 calories outdoor. That’s how powerful outdoor workouts can get you.

Get a motivational trainer. Get a trainer who will motivate you to go outdoor just to meet your target. Also look for a trainer who will encourage you to watch videos and to listen to life experienced people on how to get your goals. If you like the strength of your trainer or his ways, it’s very possible that you will be visiting the gym always or his training places. But if your icon is far from you or someone in another country that you admire, watch or listen to them more often. This will help you stay focus.

Meditation. Be sure to create time for meditation before your trainings. This has a lot of role to play on your psychology and bodily transformation. This is to bring an agreement between your body and brain Mark Fisher, founder of Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC says “taking out time to do mediation can help your body and brain de-stress and recover better from all your hard work at the gym and office”. He also suggest that youshouldtake five to ten minutes once or twice a day to focus on your breath. This is a good body shape exercise as far as keeping fit and workout for women is concern.

Be true to yourself. Keeping fit is not an easy task not to mention maintenance. Most at times, adopting new habits are always difficult. When we are getting closer to the set time of training, we get other things that come in our way leading us to procrastination. You can get help from an alarm clock. It’s not a respecter of person or time itself. Time can help you work out a long process and finish all what you need to finish, be it in the AM hours or the PM hours. Whatever time you choose is just perfect by the clock. Tara stiles owner of Strala Yoga in New York City says “Don’t try to become one or the other if it’s not natural to you. You are more likely to stick to it if you like the time of day and the whole experience”. Set a time that you are sure will be convenient for you.

Scale yourself. To be able to know your weight scale yourself before and after the routine. Before the routine, that is, you are trying to maybe loss say 10 pounds, scale yourself and give it a target. If you don’t have a work load in your mind, you may not be able to lose weight. Ranging yourself may even end you up losing more than the pound you aimed at. After losing weight be careful not to visit the scale too often because it might cause you to be obsess about every pound. That is, losing every pound you notice on the scale. But make sure to scale to be sure you are on point.

Warring and winning the battle against obesity is not easy but you got to try because high blood pressure and heart disease is as a result of fat in the body.