It might be your child
1 year ago

Children differ from adults as they are in the process of experiencing and understanding mental, physical, emotional and hormonal changes. This process makes them learn coping mechanisms and adapting strategiesfor what is happenings around them, but there is no definitive age for a childto automatically learn and adapt to their surroundings and environment. A 3yrs old child may not learn names of things, but a 2yrs child may start speaking them, the fact is each child matures at their own pace. In some cases, late learning or reserved behavior in children may be an early sign of a mental disorder.

These disorders aren't a form of illness, but instead neglecting symptoms that may result in long term illness. Identifying these mental disorders can be tricky, this listfrom Gold Coast psychiatry of symptoms may help you judge unusual behavior from normal behavior-

  • A behavior pattern of showing fear or apprehension and nervousness while being with a group of strange people or gathering.Rapid heartbeat and sweating are symptoms of showing anxiety, but the repetition of such occurring every time when your child is away from you are relative with the anxiety disorder.
  • Though it is normal among children to always eat the same food repeatedly, this could eventually lead to a form of eating disorder. If a child is eating too much or too less than his required eating habits, it can be anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder.
  • Most children will continuously behave how they like to, no matter the setting. But if your child is unable to concentrate on any task or learn things, and he constantly diverts his attention and shows impulsive behavior,they might be suffering from the Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder commonly known as ADHD. Consulting an ADHD doctor in Jupiter FLor your nearby locations can help you detect the required medication and cure the unusual behavior of your child within few sessions.
  • Constantlybreaking rules, hating to go school or in environment like family gatherings, meetings, etc.,getting irritate behavior are signs that your child might be suffering from disruptive behavior disorders.
  • Normally it is very usual in toddlers to change his mood within fraction of seconds, but according to child psychiatrist in Jupiter FL rapid change of feelings of sadness to loud laughs or vice verse without appropriate reasons are the signs of a child suffering through mood disorders.
  • The very serious disorder these days found among the children is the disability to interact easily with other people, inability to communicate. Such cases are of the children suffering from Autism which may impact the nervous system.

These disorders are most commonly found among children but can be treated properly by psychiatrists with creative therapies, psychotherapies and proper medication. 

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