Worth Noticing Facts About Bed Sheets
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1 year ago

The story of bed sheets happens to be a very fascinating one. The embroidered bed linens or the Egyptian cotton pillowcases or the duvet covers you see online are all by-products of bed sheets. So, the story is definitely worth knowing. Initially, these were just flat-woven textile covers that were spread over mattresses. Usually, these were rectangular in shape without any seam in center. The present day sheets have hems over their top ends as well as bottom ends. The well finished edges are especially woven over loom and are used as side seams which eliminates the need of hem over the sides. You will find the pattern in all kinds of present day sheets whether you are looking for bed sheets online in UK or linen in manual markets of UK. The bed sheets are now part of a complete set which consists of a flat top sheet, a pillow case, and a fitted bottom sheet.

Bed sheets these days are made from a number of materials like synthetics, cotton, as well as silk or linen. Another specific cloth that is especially used for this purpose is percale which is either pure cotton or a smart blend of cotton and polyester. It is pretty smooth and soothing for skin. Another one preferred for bed sheets is muslin which is a little stronger than cotton. For colder regions or low temperatures flannel sheets are carved from nappy cotton material and are considered very special for keeping bed warm and cozy. And then there are linen sheets which are specially woven in Eastern Europe and exported all across the world. These are used by all big hotels but are unavailable in America as they are not processed there. As a collector of bed sheets one can also go for those formed from satin and silk.

As per some sources, linen was the first fabric that was used for making bed sheets. It is carved from flax plant which is grown in Egypt since centuries. The procedure of procuring fibers from its plants is a very lengthy and tricky one and requires lots of labor support. But once finished, it is considered perfect for bedding purposes. It was Europe that brought linen to the modern world where it has been used and appreciated for more than two years. The culture of growing this plant flourished in European colonies for 2 centuries and American women were known working consistently and tirelessly in its production. Cotton processing was introduced in United States somewhere around 1830.

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