13 Small Business Ideas in India after Corona Lockdown 4.O
1 year ago

13 Small Business Ideas in India after Corona Lockdown 4.O

Small Business Ideas in India: This is needless to say that what financial disaster this Corona pandemic or COVID 19 has done to the entire world including our own India. Millions of job losses due to this. Starvation, deaths and job losses have become an integral part of this. 

Govt. of India had no other way but to declare complete lockdown to maintain social distancing. This forced many of us to remain indoors leading to many financial hardships. Also, it has been declared off late that for the next few months or even years we have to live with this pandemic.

Having regards to every profession I have selected 13 small business ideas in India during or post corona that many people can pursue to eradicate the financial hardships to some extent.

We all know very well that the Govt. of India has already taken many steps in reducing the financial hardships that many people were facing due to this COVID 19.

These benefits are like providing direct cash transfers, providing free food, free cooking gas, postponement of EMIs and many more.

What are the 13 Best Small Business Ideas in India?

Before, going into the discussion I must tell you that no business or profession is so easy. Therefore, to make it profitable and successful one needs to put in lots of hard and smart work.

The 13 Best Small Business Ideas in India with no or little investment are as below:-

  • # 1. Face Mask Business
  • # 2. Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wash business
  • # 3. Grocery Home Delivery Business
  • # 4. Vegetables Home Delivery Business
  • # 5. Cooked Food Home Delivery
  • # 6. Laundry and Ironing Home Delivery
  • # 7. Online Private Tuition
  • # 8. Online Blogging/Free Lancing
  • # 9. Mobile / TV Recharge Business
  • # 10. Online Electricity Bill Payment
  • # 11. Baby Sitting / Domestic Help Centre
  • # 12. Mechanic Services
  • # 13. Car Rental Services

My endeavour has been to bring some small business ideas 2020 in front of you during or post lockdown period. This will help to sustain the job loss or income loss that has happened to some extent.

Don't get despair, the bad time is not going to stay with you forever. Thus, this post is dedicated to all those who have suffered the pain of losing income.

Your parents, your wife, your children might be waiting for you. Your earnings could bring food to them. So friends, just get ready, have patience and faith in you.

The 13 small business ideas in India that I have selected here could be started with a little amount of investment. This will surely help in maintaining one's livelihood.

I have kept in mind that while sustenance of the family is in stake during this lockdown era how one can afford to invest a huge amount of money. So, the initial investment amount is very low for the following small business ideas in India.


Now let's see what are these 13 small business ideas in India that one can afford to pursue maintaining his livelihoods.

# 1. Face Mask Business:

Just after declaring COVID 19 as the global pandemic by the WHO, if the sale of any product has gone sky high i.e. face mask. A face mask is the first step to keep yourself away from this corona-virus. Therefore, it has become an integral part of our day to day lives. 

So Face Mask business is on the top position of my 13 Small Business Ideas in India. There are several types of mask that are being sold in India both in online and offline mode. You can find that these masks are selling from Rs.20 to Rs.500 each.

So, the face mask business is one of the booming business for sure for the next few years. As the social distancing factor will not work any more when the public transport comes into motion in full swing. Thus, the dependency on the face mask is going to increase at a rapid space.


How to do this:

If you search properly in the market, you can find that the most popular N-95 masks are now selling at Rs. 150 to Rs. 170 each if you purchase in bulk quantity. Generally, this comes in a packet consisting of 25 numbers.

So, the initial investment would be around Rs.4000. Therefore, if you can easily sell this mask at a price of Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 each depending on the situation. If you could sell 10 masks daily it can bring you a profit of around Rs.300 to 500.

It is not that everyone can afford a mask of Rs.200, so you must stock other types of face masks such as surgical masks, 3m layer masks, cloth masks and nylon masks. This cost around Rs. 10 to 30 each.

These low price masks can fetch you up to 50% of profits. Therefore, this also can help you in earning Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 daily by selling these masks in and around your locality.

# 2. Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wash business:


The next Small Business Ideas that came to mind considering the current Hand sanitizer or hand wash is the most sought products after mask during this lockdown period across India. Many of us definitely paid some extra amount to procure this as there were not sufficient stock of this hygiene product.

It has certainly delighted the black marketers who hoarded the pile of sanitizers just after the evolution of this pandemic. Undoubtedly they succeeded to earn more money from this as the demand rose to the extreme pick across the whole country.

There are many examples where you paid Rs.100 for 50 ml of sanitizer bottle. Whereas the price range for this non-branded and branded hand sanitizer is just Rs.25 to Rs.40.

Everyone was concerned about the safety matter first, so the pricing factor came last. But the situation seems to be under control right now. NOw the price has come down substantially and a standard 50 ml hand sanitizer will cost you Rs.30 to Rs.40.

So, one can be sure that the demand for this hand sanitizer and hand wash is going to be as high as before for the next few months or years.


How to do this: You can search in the local market and procure some good quality of hand sanitizer and hand wash. The investment could be around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000. With this one can easily earn Rs. 300 per day.

Though it looks so easy but practically speaking you have to shed lots of sweat to earn this much. But what you can do is just roam around to your locality and contact with your relatives, friends, known persons. In this tough situation, they can be of great help to you.

I suggest you that don't lose hope or get despair. Just think of your family and be focused. Remember that the product you are selling is of high demand.

# 3. Grocery Home Delivery Business:


Grocery home delivery is one of the next small business ideas in India that one can think about. As people are still scared of going out in the fear of maintaining social distancing.

Therefore, delivering the home essentials is the next big thing during this lock down period and even after that.

In some of the cases, people are even ready to pay extra amount for this home delivery services. The ghost of CORONA infection is not going to get away so quickly from people's mind.

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So this is like a win-win situation for those who have suffered job loss due to the spreading of this deadly virus. Thus, I feel that people would accept this offer of getting their grocery items delivered at their doorstep. This is beneficial to both.


How to do this: Look, getting grocery items in bulk quantity from the local market is not so difficult. Also, I would suggest that you don't need to store any items at your home. Just receive the order first, procure the items and deliver to the customers on the next day.

From our day to day experience I can say that the average grocery items order per family will be around Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 depending on the customers. This means your initial investment is going to be around Rs.3000 to Rs. 5000.

So basically, if you are able to deliver grocery items of Rs 2000 to Rs.3000, you can easily earn a profit of Rs. 300 to Rs. 400.

People want their requirements to be home delivered and you can charge an additional premium during this catastrophic situation.

In this case also your friends, relatives and known persons can be approached first. Persuasion to your locality would also help you to get new customers. This is one of the best small business ideas in India right now.

We can not avoid our daily needs during this period also. Further, it is seen that the consumption of foods items have soared up for some of the households since they are spending more and more times at home.

So this is the right time for someone who has lost his earnings in this pandemic. Therefore, I would suggest opting for this opportunity if possible.

# 4. Vegetables Home Delivery Business:


Another small business idea which is more relevant in this tough condition is selling vegetable door to door. Yes, this is also one of our daily needs.

So, there is a strong possibility of people also loving the idea of delivering their vegetables at homes at reasonable prices. Since lockdown might get over but the needs of social distancing might not.

Further, we have seen in our locality that many auto drivers, e-rickshaw drivers, washermen, cycle/motorbike repairing shop owners resorted to this vegetables home delivery business.

Having regards to all those people from a different profession, I must tell that no profession is bad until you are doing it with great dignity and self-respect.


How to do this: For selling vegetables and delivering at homes, what you need to do is taking orders from friends, relatives, known persons from your locality.

But do remember that you must take orders today to deliver tomorrow. This will ensure that your bought items do not get perished and you are able to sell all of them.

# 5. Cooked Food Home Delivery:


There are so many aged people in India who completely live on cooked food home delivery services. The reasons might be many such as their children are away from them for a job abroad or they are in old age homes.

So, the cooked food home delivery business is in my list of next small business ideas. This concept is a little bit different from the restaurant business. There is no doubt that even after the lockdown period the growth opportunity for this business is going to increase.

Those people who visit the nearby hotels, restaurants for having two times meals will be reluctant to do the same. Rather they would prefer to order home-cooked foods for lunch and dinner.

This service or business is very much popular especially in urban and semi-urban areas. There are so many people who can not cook food on their own due to old age problems or maybe they are not in a position to do so.

In that case, they find a nearby cooked food home delivery centre from where they order their lunch and dinner on a daily basis.

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The complete lockdown has had hampered their livelihood miserably. But after a few days of lockdown Govt. has eased the norms to reduce the pains of such people and allowed people to deliver cooked food.


How to do this:To start this business one needs an initial investment of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000 for cooking essentials, delivery materials etc.

Once you get orders on a daily basis, you need to appoint a cook. Your orders may be both veg and non-veg. So, the variety of food you need to cook to meet the needs of the customers.

This will ensure that you are able to retain the maximum number of customers. Also, you need to maintain both the quality and taste of your food.

The average price per plate one can charge is Rs. 50 and Rs. 80 for veg and non-veg food respectively.

Keep in mind that at the initial stage your price should be lesser than the market price. Since you have to grow your business, both the pricing factor and quality factor must be better than the others.

# 6. Laundry and Ironing Home Delivery:


Another small business idea that has taken place in my list is laundry service. The concept of online laundry service is a unique one. But it has not been so popular in India as of now.

But this service has very much potential to grow. People are quite reluctant to go outside even for their daily needs. So one needs to take advantage of this opportunity.

The average monthly earnings from this laundry service are quite reasonable. I again reiterate that every profession is respectful. There is no reason to belittle this. As your primary objective is just to earn money and manage your family in this critical situation.


How to do this:The words of mouth would help you in doing this business. Like you may tell your friends, family members and neighbours about your new business. Also you may request them to endorse any order from their friends, relatives and known persons.

The average monthly earnings one can expect from this business is around Rs.10000 to Rs.15000 and sometimes even more.

 Also if you see that within a few days or weeks you are getting a handful of orders, and it is not possible for you to manage alone anymore, you can engage one helper.

Your plan should be like to collect all the orders from different households within 10 a.m in the morning. Complete the washing work by the day by taking help from your assistant.

Next, complete the ironwork by tomorrow and get the orders delivered in the late evening. This will ensure that you are also less susceptible to get contact with others.

Taking orders early in the morning and getting delivered late evening is less prone to getting contact with so many people.

# 7. Online Private Tuition:


This is one of the successful small business ideas that has been in high demand especially during this COVID lockdown. School, colleges, institutions, private coaching centres all are closed as per the instructions of the Government.

The ultimate motto was to maintain social distancing. So, this is the ultimate opportunity for an eligible person to pursue this online private tuition. Still, there are many parents who are reluctant to send their children for private tuition even after the lockdown 4.0 gets over.

Therefore this is my belief that even after the lockdown period is over, this online coaching business will remain in trend intensely. Even many MNCs are sticking with the work from home culture. So this is quite beneficial for both the students and teachers.

Though it looks very easy practically it is not. Because to impart education online from home one needs to have sufficient knowledge and education. The online private tutoring job would have been much easier for you if you had previously any knowledge of teaching to students privately or publicly.

So, if you have already this kind of knowledge and talent, this business is for you undoubtedly. As of now from the first phase of lockdown many private coaching classes are being executed successfully using different online applications.


How to do this:  Before starting this online private coaching you need to have knowledge of some applications such as Mindage, Zoom, Team Link, and etc. These apps will ensure that you can teach many students at a time altogether.

# 8. Online Blogging/FreeLancing:


Another new small business idea that appears to be quite doable is online blogging/ freelancing. This is quite a popular full-time jobs opportunity for many of the generation y people.

Though the concept of blogging and freelancing is a little bit different from each other. But both can fetch you handsome earnings. I am quite certain that after the job loss for many IT sector employees, there will be a sharp rise in this platform as a full-time career.

Blogging is like publishing any content on your own website. The content must be of your own niche i.e. the subject of your specialisation that might help you in excel in your blogging niche.

There are so many things in this world to read. So finding any subject matter for your website may not be that difficult for you.

On the other hand, freelancing means to write content for another website, educational websites or for some specific freelancing websites. You must have some writing skills and knowledge of any particular subject matter.


How to do it:

For blogging: First, you need to purchase a domain like my domain arthikdisha.com. This domain will cost you around Rs. 500 to Rs.1000 annually.

Next, you have to purchase a hosting server like Hostinger, WordpressHostGator, SiteGround etc. where you will publish your contents. Also, it might cost you around Rs.5000 to Rs 10000.

But to start earning, first, you need to write a few good quality contents.  If you just start blogging with a view of earning additional income within a few days, it would be next to impossible. This needs time, passion and perseverance.

For Freelancing: On the other hand, freelancing is like hiring a content writer for a particular topic. You must have some good writing skills.

Otherwise, you would not be able to find any position for yourself in this freelance job. When you have decided to pursue freelancing as a full-time job, you must look for some well-paid content writing platforms.

These are Truelancer, Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc. If you take this freelancing job seriously, you have a good opportunity to earn a handsome amount monthly.

# 9. Mobile / TV Recharge Business:


This lockdown has kept all of us to stay at home. Obviously the consumption of online media and watching television has grown manifold. Therefore, Mobile Recharge and TV Recharge is one of my next small business ideas.

It’s true that many people would prefer to recharge online. But practically speaking that I have seen many people still coming to this recharge shop for their children for an online class in Zoom app. It’s not like that everyone using a smartphone is recharging online.

As I have said earlier that after the lockdown is over, the social distancing matter would still move around in our mind. So the consumption of data using a smartphone and watching TV is going to increase substantially.


How to do this:The profit percentage for this phone recharge and TV recharge business is around 3%.

Though this looks very nominal with the increase in potential customers, this might bring you a respectable amount on a monthly basis.

You can approach your friends, relatives, your known persons in and around your locality and let them know that you are also engaged in this recharge business. I hope no one will let you down in this critical situation.

# 10. Online Electricity Bill Payment:


We have seen how this electricity department both govt. and private has approached the mass and requested them to avoid the physical electricity bill payment. But still, it is not possible for everyone to pay this utility bill online mode.

Therefore, this online utility bill payment is another small business ideas in my list. Since everyone is not equipped to pay this utility bill online, you have a good opportunity to take advantage of this situation.

If you have any online payment system activated like Amazon pay, PhonePay, Google pay, MobiKwik you can pay the utility bills using these platforms. The utility billers will further give you a discount of 1% for payment made in online mode.

How to do this:It is advisable that you also don’t visit the office physically even after the lockdown is over. You take the customers id or connection numbers from your customers and pay the utility bill directly to the billers.

You can charge your customers an amount of Rs.10 to Rs. 20 for this service. Ask them to transfer the required amount directly to your bank account. If it is not possible, you can collect the money from them physically.

If you find that this particular small business idea is not working well for you to maintain your livelihood, don’t get disappointed.

Still, you can manage to take other small business ideas as I mentioned above in conjunction with this utility bill payment option.

# 11. Baby Sitting / Domestic Help Centre:


When people tend to lose their jobs, they start thinking of new innovative business ideas. So, providing baby sitter and domestic help is one of my next small business ideas in 2020.

It may so happen that due to the COVID 19 pandemic and post lockdown you don't have any job left. Also, Government aid may not be sufficient for you to manage the livelihood of your family.

In that scenario, one can think of this innovative small business ideas which are basically providing woman baby sitter and domestic helper cum maid.

Obviously, there will be a huge rise in this kind of services due to the formal sector job loss. What you need to do is opening of a Baby Sitting/Domestic Help Centre.


How to do this: The most interesting part of this business is that you don't need an office for this. You can manage this business with ease from your home.

You have to decide one suitable name for this business and order hundreds of pamphlets. Thereafter distribute this pamphlet within the daily newspapers to your locality.

This will cost you around Rs. 2000 both for the printing of pamphlets and distribution cost as well. Again you may take the help of your friends, relatives, family members and known persons of your locality for enriching your business.

Most importantly while engaging any baby sitter or maid you need to take details of that person such as her photo, voter card, Aadhar card.

Usually, we have seen that for engaging any baby sitter, Nurse/Aaya you can earn a commission of Rs. 50 to Rs. 70 per day depending on the locality.

And for providing domestic help you can expect Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 per day as the commission.

So, if one can run this business successfully, there is a lot of earning potential. I mean one can easily earn Rs.20000 plus income at the initial stage.

# 12. Mechanic Services:


The next Small Business Ideas that has taken place in my list is the Mechanic Service. If you have some technical knowledge of any kind of repair and maintenance, this small business idea is certainly for you.

These services may include R&M of AC, Fridge, TV, Computer, Laptop, Mobile phones and etc. These are completely skilled based services and really worth it.

There may be so many people having adequate knowledge and skills of providing this kind of services, but due to their job elsewhere they can not pursue this.

I am not advocating that one should fulfil his passion for this business at this time. Rather I am trying to focus on how one can manage his bread and butter in this critical condition using his skills.

So to start this business one must have the technical know-how of any particular service. These services are interconnected with our day to day lives, so earning potential is also high.


How to do this: One can start this business from his home. You can tell your friends and relatives and your known persons that you have started this business post lockdown 4.0.

Generally what we see in our locality that a mechanic usually charges Rs.300 to Rs. 500 for any of these repairing services such as TV repairing, AC, Fridge, Washing machine, Microwave, Computer, Laptop and many more.

The cost of materials if needed for any R&M work can be charged extra from the customers.

We have slowly moved into the summer season and the demand for this AC servicing and maintenance is in peak. If you can charge a lower amount, the possibility of getting more and more customers increases.

# 13. Car Rental Services:


Last but not the least small business ideas in India that I have selected is a car rental service. Post lockdown 4.0 if public transport services resume gradually, there would be many people who are reluctant to use the public transport system.

So, there is an opportunity for you if you have any four-wheeler to engage in car rental service. You can expect a little bit of higher rent considering the overall situation.

If you don't have a ca of your own, don't get despair. You can still manage to hire a car from your friends or locality and rent it to others with charging additional price.

Looking this very impossible for you. Don't worry. Just understand the concept of Ola and Uber. They don't own any single car. But still, they manage to provide us with car rental services.

What they do is hire a car from X and give it on rent to Y for reaching his destination. But their scale of business is really gigantic.


How to do it:

If you have any car you can tell your friends and relatives that if anyone needs car rental service you can provide them.

If you don't own a car, you can take a car from your friends or the existing car service provider and re-engage it for transporting your customer.

This looks very simple though but a systematic approach can lead to success. Your hard work, your approach, your soft attitude can win the heart of the customers.

The good behaviour and good service with the help of words of mouth can spread very fast leading to a strong growth opportunity for you.

Now, the monthly earning may vary depending upon the number of customers you served and the distant place they visit. But you can expect a monthly income ranging between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20000 and sometimes even more.

Conclusion: 13 Best Small Business Ideas in India 2020 has been thought of to minimise the pain of the common people who might have lost their job due to this COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown as declared by the Govt.

I don't have any intention to hurt anybody's sentiments. I respect every individual and every business and profession.

This has been my honest endeavour to write on 13 Best Small Business Ideas in India 2020 post lockdown 4.0 so that it helps in any kind to anyone who has lost his job or income.