Unusual And Quirky Accommodation In London For A Unique Holiday Experience
1 year ago

Vacations are all about fun and relaxation. When most people plan vacations, they have the idea of spending some quality and leisurely time with their family or friends, or by themselves, and have a pleasant experience. While most of us want a unique experience from our holidays, only a well-learned traveller actually gets to experience a unique and unusual trip. When it is about a vacation in London, then choosing an unusual or quirky accommodation in London is one of the major parts of the process.

Whether it is an after-hours tour, or waking up to the sound of wild animals and birds, in this article we have listed down some of the coolest hotels and lodges in London, along with other kinds of accommodations that might just be the perfect place for a unique and unusual experience in London.

Top 10 Coolest Accommodations In London 2020 That Can Make For a Perfect London Tour

Here is a list of the top 10 best rated and most unique hotels and lodges in London in 2020 along with cottages, treehouses, floating hotels, capsules, penthouses, zoo lodges, artsy rooms and all other kinds of unusual accommodations in London. From two-course dinners, to interconnected townhouses or hidden Greek Masonic temples within the premises, we have made sure that our list helps you in experiencing a truly different lodging experience on your trip in London.

Artist Residence London

One of the most compact yet amazing hotels and lodges in London, this 10-room ultra-modern hotel defines unique character. It features a fabulous restaurant named The Cambridge Street Kitchen within its premises. The restaurant is famous for serving some delicious seasonal dishes. If you are up for witnessing some magnificent and original artwork, the hotel has a display everywhere within the building along with really unique furnishings that is sure to amaze the boarders.

Originally founded in Brighton, the hotel started when the owners had put up an ad inviting artists to decorate rooms in exchange for their boards. Now, it is one of the most unique and artistically designed stays in London.

Good Hotel London
The Good Hotel London is not only good, but undoubtedly one of the best floating hotels in the Royal Victoria Dock. Laid out in an industrial style, the hotel offers a unique experience of luxury and glamour in Sunborn. It is based on a floating platform, with a rooftop terrace that provides a wondrous view over the Thames river.

A smart choice and a completely different experience, the hotel offers really comfortable and luxurious stays with chic rooms and top class hospitality.

St Christopher’s Inn Village

If you are looking for a unique accommodation in London, here comes the UK's first capsule hotel on the list. We do not know if you will like the place or not, but we can assure you that your stay at this hotel would surely be a completely different and unique experience.

Designed in a modern hi-tech fashion, the hotel is presented and designed in the style of Japanese capsules and is located near the London Bridge. Featuring hi-tech features, for instance USB ports and ambient mood lights, the hotel offers really affordable and luxurious accommodation facilities in the central parts of London. In fact, you will be pretty surprised to know that the prices start at around 25 pounds per night.

Z Hotel

Located in the heart of Soho, the Z Hotel is one of the most vibrant and luxurious hotels on this list. It features some advanced and contemporary designs with a quirky touch. The hotel structure consists of 12 interconnected townhouses that are linked with each other with the help of aerial walkways. These walkways are made of glass and steel.

The rooms are incredibly luxurious and have pretty big sizes, which you might not notice at the first glance. The designers have also thought of user convenience while you are staying at the hotel and have provided adequate under-bed storage along with wall-mounted hanging space to keep your clothes assorted while you are on the trip. This might just be one of the best choices if you are up for some luxurious and comfortable lodging experience.

Chessington Safari Hotel and Chessington Azteca Hotel

If you are looking for the experience of “living in the wild”, the Chessington Safari Hotel and Chessington Azteca Hotel is an ideal destination to stay in, on your trip to London. Originally inspired by the African Safari Park and the relics of the Aztec civilisation, each life is designed and painted with a wildlife theme.

Enjoy a leisurely drink in the wildlife-themed restaurant or a drink on the terrace of the hotel with a clear view over the African animal reserve. The hotel provides you the facility to wake up and head out for a safari, being located next to the African Safari Park. If you are a wildlife lover and visiting London anytime soon, this can be the perfect lodging place for you to take a good dose of nature and the wild!

The ZSL London Zoo Lodges

Another hotel based on the wildlife and nature theme, the ZSL London Zoo Lodges is located in Regent’s Park. While on the outside the cottages might appear to be pretty simplistic and commonplace, but we cannot underestimate the luxurious character of the insides. Located in the heart of the Land of Lions, the lodging offers incredible facilities for nature lovers. For instance, if you are staying at the hotel, it offers you after-hours tours along with a two-course dinner and a free entry to the zoo.

In fact, it is one of the rare hotels and lodges in London, that provides these facilities. If you have ever thought of waking up to sounds of wild animals and birds, you can enjoy early morning parrot chirps and watch elephants right from your room window. It is almost like you are having a sleepover inside the zoo. If you have kids, this might just be the perfect place for their entertainment.

W Hotel

Want to have a penthouse experience right in the middle of central London? The W Hotel in Leicester Square offers you with penthouse styled rooms for your stay. Equipped with bespoke and chic vanities within the room, the hotel offers inexplicable luxury and a really posh experience. The Wow Suite, a specialty of the hotel comes with a chic vanity area and is designed in a really luxurious and graceful manner. The giant-corner sofa and the floor to ceiling windows are only a few things that add to the luxury and graceful feel of the rooms.

Additionally, we have good news for party goers. The W. Hotel houses a bar downstairs that is one of the biggest disco balls all across the UK. If it is about luxury and a unique penthouse stay experience, the W. Hotel is the perfect destination.

Sunborn Yacht Hotel

This has to be one of the top contenders on the list of the most unique hotels and lodges in London. Offering a completely different experience in accommodation in London, the Sunborn Yacht Hotel is a really superfluous and chic floating hotel in the Royal Victoria Dock. Also known as a boatel, do not even worry about the size of rooms that can be offered by such a yacht-cum-hotel.

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel offers some of the largest rooms with a splendid window view over the Thames. This hotel is ideal for travelers or couples visiting London to spend some leisurely time and tourists intend to relax and enjoy the Sun a lot. The Symphony Spa is one of the most popular offerings of the hotel and you can visit it for a unique and relaxing experience. The restaurant on the yacht also serves delicious meals and some unique seasonal dishes that can just become your favourites!

Clink78 Hostel

Located in King’s Cross and officially registered as a hostel, the Clink78 Hostel can beat some of the top hotels and lodges in London when it comes to versatility and comfort. The building was originally a courthouse which was later converted into a hotel or hostel. But while doing this, the owners have ensured to retain the touch of the old courthouse and preserve the feel and a few elements as well.

The hostel offers some unique accommodation facilities in London that you cannot enjoy anywhere. For instance, you can choose to stay inside a former prison cell or take a seat in one of the old courtrooms that still stand as they were, only in a more modernized and comfortable outlook.

Georgian House Hotel

Last but not the least, the Georgian House Hotel in Victoria is one of the quirkiest accommodations in London. In fact, it might just be the most fun place you have ever stayed in. The décor has a strange and enticing magical touch. Established in 1851, this hotel is a luxurious five-star boutique hotel that has an ancient and gothic theme all across its premises. Featuring a variety of magical artefacts and some really innovative designing touches like rooms hidden away behind secret bookcases, spooky archways and stained glass windows can be a truly unique and “magical experience” for the boarders.

On your way to the reception, in the lobby, you can find vials with potions and cauldrons. The hotel is also known for a unique meal known as the magical breakfast! So make your stay magical at the Georgian House Hotel in Victoria.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through the entire list of the most unique and unusual accommodations in London, you can choose one of these hotels and lodges in London for a unique experience of London stay. Londo0n is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Several visitors search for hotels and lodges and other accommodations in London on various accommodation directories like The Accommodation Register, etc.

While those can be great to find quality hotels with top of the line hospitality services, we have made the job easy for you by putting up a list of the quirkiest hotels and lodges in London. This list is especially for people who want a different kind of lodging experience when they visit London. While there is an overwhelming range of options when it comes to accommodations in London, this list puts out the hotels that are the funniest, craziest and the most unique ones in London.

So, if you have packed your bags and booked your tickets for the next trip to London, do not forget to bookmark this list!