Reasons to Get a Motor Insurance
1 year ago

Insurance is a process of transferring a risk from one party to the other, it is a self-guard against risk.

Imagine getting involved in an accident (nobody wants to though, but it happens anyway) and all you have to do is report the accident and get yourself checked into a good hospital which will still be covered under medical policy if you had bought a complete comprehensive car insurance policy, check out from the hospital when you are okay and pick your car, totally repaired or even brand new in some in some cases. Awesome right? Nothing beats that.

Motor insurance have a number of benefits.....

It stresses your claim to good citizenship... Third-party motor insurance is compulsory by law and the absence of the document will pitch you against your government, so, while you are doing yourself the favor of having an insurance coverage, you are at the same time being a good and responsible citizen of your country.

Motor insurance provides benefits to survivors when an accident results to disability or injuries....

Puts your mind at peace.... If humans can surprise and fail us when we least expect them, electronics and engines shouldn't be anyway better. People park their cars and report to work only to come back to a faulty engine when they close for the day and with the fault, comes unplanned expenses that may have to affect the entire budget for the month. With motor insurance, you only have to worry about buying petrol for the month which should already have a place in your day to day budget. You no longer have to worry about break down or unforeseen faults.

Your budget stays stable... With everything going by as planned, there are no sharp surprises. Food already got its fund, the groceries and likewise other personal things that depends on your income. You can comfortably say 'everything is going as planned,' things might not be entirely okay with you the way you hope but at least you don't get heart-wrenching surprises from your car.

Expenses arising from your car is either minimized or eradicated.... Damages, theft and natural calamities like earthquake, fire and flooding are taken care of  by your car insurance, like umbrella, it covers you on occasion of these ugly developments.

Repairing and replacing parts... Your insurance company takes charge of most expenses from your car department. Don't be surprised, it's all included in the package.

Motor insurance covers legal responsibilities incurred after an accident.... Motor accidents can either end up with motor damage or body injuries/death. No celestial enforcer has yet come out and deliver instant judgment when it is needed,   and be right and also have his judgment generally accepted at the same time so, while we wait for Sir Solomon of heaven estate to make appearance, people are still legally right to sue after accidents even if they are wrong. Car insurance stands for you during this legal battle and help you take care of the legal expenditure. Their involvement includes hiring an attorney to defend you or prosecute on your behalf as the case may be.

Unlimited claim for death or disability of passengers involved in the accident. This insurance is for commercial cars conveying passengers. Auto accidents are inevitable occurrences on the road and the deaths arising from the situations also are inevitable. No matter how careful we ever get on the road, accidents will one day hit the road. It is said that a driver can only be said to be good when he is able to manage his car steering and that of an incoming or trailing fellow vehicle. Albeit so many laws governing road users, people still drink and drive, sleep on their steering or lose their emotional hold while driving and endanger lives. This insurance makes compensation available to the car owner and his passengers.

NOTE..... The unlimited claim will have to be decided by the court based on the age of the victims.

It provides towing assistance and roadside assistance in event you get stranded in the middle of the road.

Motor insurance protects you and the bank or lender that financed your car purchase.... Having agreed that accidents are accidental in nature, it doesn't mind happening to cars gotten from loan packages. If you get a loan of 5000 USD and buy yourself a new car, to that effect you owe the lender 5000 USD plus the interest. You unluckily get involved in an accident and you didn't make budget for accidental car wrecks to fix the car, you can't go back to the bank to borrow anymore. A case ' a Daniel coming to judge' from whatever luck you have left is if the driver of the involved car have a motor insurance. His insurance company will pay to fix your car and you can continue paying your loan as if nothing happened. If you are insured, all the better. Your insurance company will only have to raise your insurance rate but you will have a fixed car at least.

Motor insurance is an expensive program but you will get to see the benefits when you are at end to make use of its services.

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Driving in Dubai is a luxury that thousands of people partake of every day. Owning a car increases one’s mobility and also helps you to eliminate the dependence of public transports. Motor insurance is also comparatively important for the one who owns a car and needs to protect it in all aspects. Having a Motor Insurance Dubai is considered as a legal requirement with the right level of cover, which offers the financial protection in case of your vehicle being damaged. The perfect car insurance will also provide cover for injuries to other passengers, drivers and their property.