Preventing Knee Damage: Knee Supports - Knee Compression Sleeves
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Knee support is used to compress the knees and is crucial for those seeking to prevent knee damage. Those recovering from a particular knee injury also need a knee support for quick recovery.

The elastic band in knee support is the right solution for knee aches within the joints. This support also restricts the probability of rotational damages or hyperextension of the knees.

Compression knee support is made from flexible light-weight and cozy material, with a broad range of styles. There are a good number of knee supports formulated to prevent knee injuries. They make the knee and leg cozy while running or provide support to the damaged knee so that it heals faster.

- Knee support can help users obtain faster blood flow through the knees and reduce any pain in the feet. For this reason they are considered the right companion when you are feeling pains on the knee due to an injury.

- The knee support holds knee joints in place while you undertake strenuous activities.

Knee supports are made from different materials which include open patella and latex. There are also knee supports with spin and hinges.

Types of knee support

Knee injuries are one of the most frequent issues sport professionals have to deal with. It is common for players to have troubles with torn cartilages, blown up MCLs (Medial collateral ligament), PCLs (Posterolateral corner) or ACLs (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). It is important that athletes take precautions to avoid future injuries. These knee support sleeves are an important part of such precautionary measures. Putting on knee support sleeves reduces the severity of injuries and sometimes keeps athletes in full performance by entirely preventing injuries.

·       The knee support for kneeling pain Latex Free Pull-on Padded kneecap

Kneeling or bending, could result to knee pains. The latex-free knee support helps the knees deal with a variety of injuries. According to Brace Ability’s reviews of knee support it also protects the knee when kneeling or bending. One component that makes this possible is the silicone ring which facilitates and ensures pressure is distributed away from the kneecap.

Allergy, Latex Free Knee Support

In case you are one of the many people with hypersensitive reactions to latex, this knee support sleeve is the perfect one for you. Reactions to latex could be slight or intense so this knee support is designed to prevent all undesired reactions.

Protection of the knee in this latex and rubber free compression knee support sleeve is concentrated on the kneecap, also called the patella. The knee cap can be compressed and supported at the same time thanks to the silicon on the knee pad which fits round it. This gives stability and comfort to the patella while user is in motion. The silicon ring that surrounds the kneecap keeps pressure from the patella.

Some reasons for knee pain in relation to bending

Pains, felt on the knee after bending or kneeling can be related to a number of factors. It could be felt when you bend over to tie your shoe laces or to pick something from the floor.

Here is a summary of possible reasons for knee pain related to kneeling:

Osteoarthritis: Inflammation of the joints as result of over stretched tissues.

• Carrying out activities on a daily basis that require you being on your knees for very long hours causes knee damage.

Torn Meniscus: At the top of the tibia is a cartilage known as meniscus. A tear can occur due to forceful twisting or movement.

Bone Chips: Occurs when a bone is damaged and pieces are embedded in the knee cartilage, inflicting pains and causing swellings.

Knee bursitis: The inflammation of a bursa which is close to your knee joint. A bursa is a fluid stuffed sac that cushions your bones and the tendons within your knees.

It is possible to reduce the pains associated with kneeling or entirely prevent it by using the cushioned knee pad brace.

Some Features of the Latex-Free Kneecap support for its functions of Kneeling and Bending

This padded compression knee brace can assist with a number of knee injuries and protect the knee while one is consistently kneeling or bending over.

•           Designed as remedy for aches associated with kneeling or bending.

•           Permits you to apply compression to decrease swelling and irritation.

•           Ring made of Contoured silicon allows stress distribution away from the kneecap.

•           The stays are spiral, medial and lateral so they give stability and support.

•           Built from a flat knitted, stretched elastic fabric that offers relaxed compression to the injured knee.

•           For those allergic to latex this compression knee support sleeve is latex free.

•           You can have it in XS-3XL sizes.

If you are not sure what size you need, it is easy to know. Take a measurement around your leg, 5 ½” above your kneecap and 4 ½” under your kneecap. The knee support sleeve should have a snug fit giving proper compression of the knee. If you notice yours falls between two sizes available in the shop go for the smaller one.

·       Elastic Cotton Slip-on Knee support Sleeve

For this elastic knee support the patella is designed in such a way that it closes together, making it easy to put on. It is used for treating standard knee pain and uneasiness as supported by BraceAbility’s reviews.

Detailed description

A Cotton Knee support Ideal for Mild Joint Effusion 

Being one of the best knee supports it can be used to solve knee problems like mild join effusion. Mild joint effusion is a situation where a joint swells as a result of fluid in the knee joint. This generally causes a lot of pain around the swollen area. In cases of extreme swelling, on the spot remedy is required, which may require draining extra fluid from the affected area. When swelling is nominal, treatment can be effected by wearing knee braces. Note that the cotton knee support is enough to solve it.

This elastic knee brace is also effective in stopping or reducing slight joint effusions during sport activities. Since this is an elastic and flexible cotton knee brace, you are sure of a cushy and comfy fit. 

  • Baker's Cyst

Baker's cyst is a condition where swelling occurs at the back of the knee. This condition is commonly related to other knee injuries like meniscus tears or osteoarthritis. Standard remedy for Baker's cyst consists of elevation, rest, compression, and icing. Compression, which is a knee injury treatment, may be done with the aid of an elastic knee brace and constitutes a superb treatment for Baker's cyst. In reviews of knee support by BraceAbility, there are good brands of elastic knee support braces from trusted manufacturers like Ossur, Bort, Bauerfeind, and more.

Details and Features

•           Cotton knee brace products are made from the best and most cozy cloth.

•           They give users a snug fit for maximum compression.

•           It is an elastic knee support brace recommended for subsequent knee injuries and conditions such as;

-       Grade I collateral ligament sprain

-       Knee sprains and strains

-       Osteoarthritis

-       Moderate joint effusion

-       Baker’s cyst

-       Bursitis and tendonitis.

-       Extremely good treatment for standard knee ache and discomfort.

·       The padded Neoprene Knee Support Protection Sleeve

According to reviews of knee support by BraceAbility this is one of the best knee support sleeves used for support and protection of the knee from arthritis, sprains and knee strains.

Reasons why you should put on neoprene support sleeves

-       It is important to get this padded knee support sleeves before engaging in sport activities that involve kneeling to protect yourself from knee injuries.

-       This knee pad is made of top class-grade neoprene making it one of the best support sleeves. The fabric ensures warm temperatures and knee compression, which increase blood flow and promotes healing by reducing inflammation. This fabric does not have latex—a benefit for people who are allergic to it.

-       It is simple to put on this knee support. The knee pad is simply pulled up the leg and the seam fits at the back of the brace. The closed popliteal area found at the back of the knee enhances support.

-       Using this knee sleeve with pad protection has no disadvantage with regards to the sport you are involved in since it is lightweight and low profiled.

-       Like most good knee support sleeves the knee pad brace helps with moderate injuries like sprains and strains that affect the knee.

Importance of the Padded Leg Sleeve in Sports, for Knee Injuries and Arthritis

The extra support this pull-on knee sleeve gives is an advantage to weak or sore knees during sports. Neoprene orthotics has gained popularity in sports like basketball in which much pressure is exerted on the knees. In many kinds of sports the knee brace pad of this knee support serves as a primary protection when the player falls or dives after the ball.

Many jobs like house cleaning, construction, and landscaping put a lot of stress on the knees and this will be a great choice when it comes to preventing knee problems. This is because it provides warmth and protection to the knees so that they are is free from all aches.

These possibilities also reveal that it is one of the knee support sleeves suitable for treating arthritis. It helps with stability and aches, mainly if the arthritis is focused on one facet of the knee.

Adequate compression on the knee is ensured by the padded knee brace so that inflammation is reduced and the flow of blood is also promoted to quicken healing for knee problems like osteoarthritis.

Best knee support

·       Knee Support Sleeves Compression by Emerge - A+ Fitness Gear A+ Athletes

Being one of the best knee support sleeves it helps speed up healing for muscles and joint restoration. It boosts the system and eliminates pointless pain between sessions according to knee support reviews by Amazon. With this knee support sleeve which follows the design of physiotherapist, circulation of blood is increased during and after exercise. It relieves muscle stiffness, giving rejuvenating comfort from tendonitis, ache, arthritis, osteoporosis & other discomforting illnesses, maximizing recovery within a week.

  • This knee support sleeve provides excessive joint assist & warmth - Joint protection is critical. Don’t BE FOOLED! In this sector there are many fake products which will not yield the intended results for which they are supposedly designed. During exercises that demand a lot of knee movements, it is good for the knee to get maximum compression. They will be kept warm so that the movement of the patella is restricted and there is optimized blood flow. It is made with ultra-high density of (7mm) neoprene which is also highly breathable. As you seek better fitness it will ensure you get it securely.
  •  It is made with high grade, heavy duty durable material. Emerge sleeves are built to outlast all the other knee supports brands in the market. These knee support sleeves have been designed to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Performance: using this knee support sleeve will improves joint performance in any sporting activity you may undertake. During physical exercise, you exert more pressure on your knees than when you are at rest. The sleeve is meant to minimize or better still eliminate knee pains. To meet these objectives, it’s designed to provide the perfect amount of compression which stimulates and supplies just the right amount of blood to the joints without any discomfort. The material used to make this compression sleeve has good absorption properties so that it does away with sweat, keeping your gym bag odor free.
  • Warranty: The compression sleeve comes with a 100% lifetime warranty given by Emerge as assurance of superior quality performance of the product. If you are not satisfied with this sleeve you get complete refund.

Product description

- Emerge sleeve is designed by sports therapists for ordinary injury prevention & extended joint performance.  

- It is made from extremely-high density material 7mm top rate Neoprene reinforced With Strengthened cross sewing for sturdiness.

- The material is designed to offer the user maximum comfort and increased performance.

- A range of sizes exist.

Who can put on Emerge sleeves? 
Emerge sleeves are used by professionals for general Fitness, Joint Rehabilitation, Stability Exercises, Individual Sports, Team Sports, Joint Support, Powerlifting etc. it can also be used by amateurs for weekend exercises


•           Extraordinarily long lasting with bolstered cross stitching

•           constructed with ultra high density neoprene that is breathable

•           Price effective


•           During extreme heat there is a slight rubbing sensation in the interior lining.

Customer review

Users of the Emerge sleeve also called TDO purchase it on Amazon. They immediately remarked a difference in value to other 7mm neoprene sleeves in the shops. One of them purchased two sizes which are the medium and the large. They both fitted well but he mostly used the medium size and kept the large one.

In another knee support reviews a user called Payel says the emerge sleeves provides the right amount of support. The product is durable and can absorb much sweet.


7mm Knee Sleeve Rehband - Original Blue Model 7051

Made from classic Rehband royal blue fabric, Blue Knee support Sleeves are considered one of the best knee support  according to Amazon knee support reviews. They are designed in Sweden and fabricated in Estonia by Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH. The Rehband (Model 7051) is the highest selling sleeves of all time. Using this knee sleeve will not only help you recover (rehabilitation) from a knee injury but also keep you from having the injury in the first place. So it is designed to protect you while increasing your performance. This sleeve is also known as one of the best knee support for running according to a review which confirms the standard of this sleeve. It has been approved by IPF and IWF to be for competition.

Product description

This sleeve is loved by top athletes in sport domains like powerlifting, fitness competitions weightlifting and strongman. The Rehband 7051 sleeve is considered the top sleeve in the market as it offers support, durability and has distinctive looks.

  • Uses Otto Bock Health Care GmbH which prevents and treats athletic injuries, designed in Sweden.


• Preventive and recovery impact - used to save you from injuries and for quicker recuperation and rehabilitation from effects of accidents.

• Easy to get your size: there is a guide that deals with difference in sizes and can help you know which sizes goes with your frame.

• Performance: with this knee support you experience increased performance and at the same time feel safe.

• As one of the best knee support sleeves it provides maximum support and balance.

• Anatomical shape

• Warm temperature: It keeps your knee and leg muscles warm to boost flow of blood during physical activity. This will prevent and reduce stiffness of muscle tissues and joints.

Note: Make sure you seek advice from your doctor before purchasing this product for treatment.

  • The areas of the leg you measure are the mid patella and the leg in a straight position. If the discipline you practice requires you to have a tight fit knee support, know the recommended Rehband size from the guideline and then order one size less.
  • The Rehband 7mm sleeve is costly. Whereas most sleeves are bought in pairs, you have got to purchase these ones individually. This brand of knee support for running costs twice as much others in the market. The advantage of this sleeve is its durability. Once you get one, you can use it for longer than 6 years.



•           Very durable

•           Anatomical shape fitting design

•           Cozy, tight suit


•           Sweat building up in the sleeve

•           Luxurious

•           Unexpectedly absorbs scent

Customer review

A customer called Nguyen gives his experience using the Rehband 7051 knee support sleeves. It is one of the reviews of knee support by Amazon using medium size.

1. Sizing (the circumference of my knee= 39 cm, I tried each MD and LG)

The most common question you get when you talk of a top knee sleeve to an athlete is “what size is best for me?” you are advised to get sleeves of smaller sizes than your actual size. In my case like that of a few people this formula does not work because I took a smaller size and felt uncomfortable because it was too tight. I am a squatter of 5"8 200lbs weight with big quads and normal claves.

People who have normal quads should definitely shop for 1size smaller than their measurement!

Those who know they have a big quad should shop for the same Rehband 7051 knee sleeves as their measurement!

2. Quality
This product is manufactured from 100% Neoprene foam, a hundred percent Polyamide cowl and lining. It gives a pleasing stretch and little re-jump while doing squats or leg presses. It's going to stretch a little through the years. It is very comfy and can either be hand washed or cleaned using a washing machine. Do permit AIR DRY!

3. Who Can Use It?
The Rehband 7051 knee sleeves is recommended by the world’s strongest men, power lifters and Olympic lifters because they are one of the best knee supports. This means that everyone can use this knee sleeves, whether a high school player or a world class body builder. This is one reason why this product obtained 5 straight stars from a 100 users who were asked to rate it.


McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Knee Support Sleeve

The McDavid 6446 Hex is one of the best knee supports according to reviews of knee support. It has the 9 mm HEX technology favorite amongst collegiate and professional athletes. In one of the knee support reviews on the McDavid 6446 Hex Leg Sleeve by GOBROS, this sleeve is listed as one of the best. It has an extended length giving you a better fit sensation on the leg and more protection. There is a generous gap provided on the feet by the McDavid Hex sleeve. The gap is between the top of the sleeve and the extra knee padding giving its user an additional firmness of the fit; eliminating any bunching as you run. Though it is lightweight, it still provides good protection for your knees.

Product Description

  • The length of these sleeves is extended for better fit and will protect the user against scratches and cuts.
  • Uses the hDc Moisture Management Technology which keeps you cold and dry; keeping moisture away from the skin.
  • Users of the 6446 Hex experience better performance given that they are free from injuries.
  • Machine washable/drying
  • For you to get the maximum performance from the 6446 Hex, get one that is closer to the body.
  • We suggest deciding on the subsequent sizes.
  • 80% nylon/ 20% spandex
  • Comes in just a pair



•           Full length sixteen inch sleeve

•           Advanced sweat and moisture removal

•           Compact fit

•           Has extra knee padding due to the presence of the hex.


•           A little too tight within the thigh area

•           The padded area of this sleeve is made with a thin fabric.

Customer Reviews

They appear to run pretty small. My grandson looks small for his age (12 years). I purchased the adult small for him and they fit very tight on him. Up to now they're holding up quite well and he definitely spends time on the floor wearing them to play!! And he has no injuries which is remarkable.  I bought a similar pair for myself which did not fit well on me. When I made this known to the company they replaced them with another of my size leaving me in great joy. Says JEB in one of the knee support reviews.  

In one of the knee support reviews by Amazon another customer mentions the 6446 Hex is very comfortable for his child who loves basketball. Provides good protection to his child and recommends them for parents with children who play a lot in the park made with concrete floors.


Knee support for running

Going for walks and running are good to keep a healthy cardiovascular system. They also have some minor health troubles. The most common problems encountered by those who run come at the level of the knee.


Bracoo Knee Support, Open-Patella Stabilizer with Adjustable Strapping & Extra-Thick Breathable Neoprene Sleeve

About the product

As a good knee support for running, it is manufactured with an open patella brilliantly designed for those who need unrestricted movement when running. Using the Bracoo reduces knee joint stress during exercises releasing knee pain from sprains, strains, fatigue and arthritis. This is one of the best knee supports to use when recovering from a surgery and also for injury prevention.


Product description

Superior Technology & Design

-       This knee sleeve has a cutout that exposes the cap so it helps release stress on the knee.

-       It uses 3 Velcro belt points around the support for a tailored fit to prevent slipping all through exercise keeping it fix in one position even during the most active motion. According to a review of knee support by tenreviews.com, the design is very simple and the sleeve is fairly affordable.

-       The design is also configured with a padded stabilizer which keeps the knee cap in proper motion by preventing displacement while running.

-       Made using neoprene that is extra thick with the potential to boost blood circulation and adds protection from harm. The entire knee support sleeve has perforated moisture vents that allow it to dissipate sweat efficiently and ensure comfort throughout the day.


Medical Performance

This knee support is effective in lowering post-surgical operation knee ache, strain and arthritis. It provides one of the best protections from ACL, MCL, and PCL ligaments and reduces danger of such accidents for the duration of intense workout or heavy utilization. The thick neoprene fabric is a brilliant insulator for maintaining heat, thereby enhancing blood movement around the knee and enhancing speeding up recovery.


Technical Specifications

- Completely adjustable design accommodates users with varying needs making this knee running sleeve one of the best knee supports in the market.

- Customer support incorporated with each package deal. To make certain you get the proper product, only purchase from authorized retailers.

- 76% neoprene, 12% nylon, 12% spandex, washed by hand using cool water and hand dry.

- The available color of the Bracoo is black (unisex). This support sleeve is U.S designed but manufactured in Taiwan and FDA Certified.

Customer review

This knee brace works properly, says a customer in a knee support reviews by customers who purchased this product from Amazon. They were very happy with the 3 straps, putting on the center one first, followed by the top and the bottom last before readjusting the center strap to fit well. By so doing it holds well on the knees. Some use it as a knee support for running or exercising. They observed that it supports the knees and reduces the pain some use to feel while working out. The only difficulty they encountered with this sleeve is that it occasionally slips out of place by a few millimeters. To solve this some customers simply get it back to position in about 2 seconds.


Fitoby Athletic Knee Support Sleeve, Best Compression Joint Brace for Men & Women

According to reviews of knee support sleeves the fitoby knee support is extremely comfortable. U3trw. Using this sleeve allows you bend your knee easily and run about freely, assured that your knees are fully protected since it won’t slip away. Purchasing the Fitoby knee support sleeve for running purposes guarantees full protection, giving you the necessary support needed.  This sleeve is made from top quality neoprene and is latex-free ensuring proper support during your exercises. Its flat-seam stitching eliminates the risk of getting an injury when this sleeve is on is being used. It helps the athlete recover faster. You can put on this sleeve for 24 hours without adjusting it because it fits perfectly and stays attached to the knee.


Product description

Fitoby – Your #1 Choice for knee protection. 
What are the features of this sleeve that make it a suitable for your knee? 

• It’s made from high quality neoprene which facilitates safety from extra damage.

• It’s very convenient. You simply put it on in the morning and remove it at night. It protects you all through the day without any adjustment or repositioning.

• It additionally helps with pains, aches and knee injury healing – permitting you experience much less pain while getting better quicker!

• It is manufactured in small, medium and large sizes so that every individual gets one for themselves.

• You can put it on under your clothes. It fit comfortably on your knee.

If you want the best knee support to reduce your pain, do purchase one of the Fitoby sleeve  sizes below.
Size chart 
Small: 10-12in /30-34cm 
Medium: 13-14in / 34-38cm 
Large: 15-16in / 38-42cm 
Extra Large: 17-18in / 42-46cm


Customer review


The construction and fabric from which Fitoby is made is of good quality says W.T.Hoffman in the top 500 knee support reviews. He ordered the medium size XL and it was very effective in the support it provided to his knee, it did not obstruct blood flow around his knee. He felt a little extra comfort with this knee support while running as it kept his knee joint warm on heavy leg presses or squats. In addition to that, the material does not retain odors even after sweating. It also gets dry quickly for next day’s use.


I purchased the red colored medium size Fitoby knee support and it is very comfortable for me says Cherryon in one of the knee support reviews of Amazon. She likes quality, have no regrets haven purchased this sleeve. She uses it for running as well as jogging and it does a good job in supporting her bad knee.


Copper knee sleeve

Excellent for running, Basketball, secure Compression and Supportive Knee Sleeve enables surgery restoration and prevents Knee damage

This is one of the best knee sleeves and it is designed to fit easily to your leg, solving knee pain associated with arthritis. In the reviews of knee support it is said that the Copper knee sleeve has antimicrobial properties. It is also designed in such a way that you can easily move in many directions with no difficulty for those who love running and jogging. The price is quite modest and it comes in two pieces.


The Advanced Stabilizing Open Knee Support by PhysioRoom


This knee support comes with Reusable Hot Heat/Ice Cold Gel Pack.

It is one of the best knee supports for running according to reviews of knee support by PhysioRoom. The advanced stabilizing open knee support is comfortable for the ligament, hinge and provides support against injuries related to knee cartilage and mild arthritis. For those who have a knee injury, there is a therapeutic pack that comes with this knee support called the reusable hot / cold gel pack.

Product description

The PhysioRoom advanced stabilizing open knee support for ligaments is manufactured using neoprene that can be stretched in many directions while running.

 It provides support to the knee joint thanks to its two medial and lateral flexible steel springs; on the other hand, the upper Velcro straps provide stability to this knee support.

It can be used by those who love running, and also in other activities like skiing and snowboarding

Available sizes

  • Small: 31cm-37cm
  • Medium: 37cm-42cm
  • Large: 42cm-45cm
  • Extra Large: 45cm-48cm
  • Extra Extra Large: 48cm-51cm

Customer review

On Amazon’s knee support review, a customer called Jason says this knee support is good for runners and even those feeling pains when walking. He also recommends that it should not be used all day. Only during sport activities.

Tech Ware Pro Knee support Brace Review

A healthy lifestyle is accompanied by running on regular bases; the only issue is that most people do not know running is able to affect their knee.  In reviews of knee support the Tech ware Pro knee support is used to support the knee when running to prevent runners from knee injuries.

The Tech Ware Pro Knee support Brace is also one of the best knee supports for osteoarthritis. In sports disciplines like football, the Pro knee support is used as a knee support for running as it has a slim design and provides better support to the athlete. If it happens that the athlete has an injury, the Tech Ware Pro is ideal for quick recovery. This knee support for running is comfortable, easy to wear and also affordable in terms of price.

Description of the Tech Ware Pro Knee support Brace

  • This knee support provides you with patella stability and reduces pain on the knee join during activity.
  • For Maximum compression around the knee cap, this knee support for running is designed with an open patella.
  • For those suffering from ligament sprains and damages to the muscles this knee support is efficient to solve them.
  • There are four flexible springs and stabilizers that provide good knee cap stability.
  •  There is breathability, comfort and compression when this knee support for running is warn as it is made out of neoprene material that wicks away moisture.


How the Tech Ware Pro Knee works 

It doesn’t have the most beautiful appearance but in terms of comfort the Tech Ware Pro knee brace support is impressive. Compression around the knee is assured by the alternating Velcro strap system; this provides enough pain relief and thus makes it possible for its user to take into activities like going to work or running. The open patella design with its four spring stabilizers help promote knee stability, and it is good to point out that this brace is made from neoprene materials means that it offers maximum comfort when it is put on an added advantage is that you don’t have to worry about breathability issues.​

​How to wear the Tech Ware Pro Knee Brace support

This knee support brace provides a bi-directional support which is considered its all-star factor in the knee support reviews. To put this sleeve on, fasten the center strap in one direction, while higher and inferior straps go on in the opposite direction. The user is able to regulate the level of support he requires by tightening the knee support to the left or right, the kneecap can be oriented using the lower and the upper trap.

Pros and Cons of the Tech Ware Pro Knee Brace support


  • The Tech Ware Pro Knee Brace is hard enough to offer greatest compression and support, at the same time it is light and adequately flexible to allow for extension and flexion of the leg.
  • As most of the best knee supports the Tech Ware Pro is made of neoprene material of high quality and features great stitching and anti-skid material on the interior.
  • Though the size of this support sleeve is small, it covers enough area on the foot to provide the perfect support.



  • The performance of this knee brace support can be questioned when viewed from a wink. This is because it looks so slim, have the peace of mind that it can accomplish the purpose it was made for.
  • The Tech Ware Pro Knee Brace support is not the best remedy to extreme cases of injuries to the knee. To knees that require a lot of lateral support or compression of specific points on the knee. .