Is There an Acupuncture Treatment for Cancer?
1 year ago

In recent years, acupuncture therapy has come up as a new way of life for many as it has come up as a side effect free treatment to many health conditions. Although, acupuncture can cure all sorts of pains are other chronic diseases, still people often ask can it cure cancer? Well, the answer from specialists working on cancer treatment in India is YES, it surely can as acupuncture is no longer limited to conditions like headache, asthma, heart stroke, etc.

With recent developments and innovations, acupuncture has come up as a most sought after treatment for several cancer related symptoms and it also helps in relieving side effects of cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment in India through acupuncture has gone through a tremendous research work and the conclusion states that acupuncture treatment for cancer is not a distant dream anymore. Acupuncture treatment for cancer helps in following ways:

Improves Immune System:

Acupuncture treatment for cancer helps in enhancing the several components of our immune system in which Natural Killer (NK) cells and lymphocytes are the primary ones, it also helps in increasing the while blood cell count. While it improves the overall functionality of your immune system, it also recues the risk of developing infection in future.

Manages Treatment Related Pains:

In a society that we live in, a cancer patient has to go through all sorts of psychological, social and biological pain, which makes them vulnerable. Acupuncture treatment for cancer acts as a non-pharmaceutical mediator for cancer patients that helps in maintaining pain to such an extent that even if the pain is not related to their disease it will provide them instant relief and relaxation.

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Reduces Feeling Of Nausea:

Feeling of nausea and vomiting is quite common among cancer patients. Acupuncture treatment helps in providing relief from these symptoms of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Improves Quality of Life:

Acupuncture therapy has demonstrated positive effects like reduced depression, anxiety, insomnia, leukopenia, dyspnea and hot flashes, which are quite common among cancer patients. It will be safe to say that regular Acupuncture Treatment for Cancer improves the quality of life for the patients.

If you are still not convinced with the points made in this article, you can visit cancer patients going through acupuncture treatment and witness how they are benefitting with the same. The process might seem long to many, but it is definitely worth giving a try for improved quality of life after a deadly disease like cancer.


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