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ABC ACADEMY is locally owned and operated by Mike and Shannon Harris. Having five children of our own we have often faced the challenges of quality affordable child care so we can appreciate and understand the struggle parents face in today’s working world. We are passionate about a child’s growth, development and achievements. Our primary focus with our children has been to instill Christian values, encourage independence and self-esteem and to help them become successful academically. Our goal is to develop a center that will promote these ideals through a nurturing environment and inspiring programs. Our Mission We pledge to make the world a better place for our children, to love every child in our care. To promote each child's intellectual, physical, emotional and social development; with strong emphasis on enhancing their self-esteem. To build a solid reputation in the community for doing all of the above. Our Vision To develop the whole child with child initiated activities that amplify their social skills and have a strong focus in education to help them become socially and academically successful.

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