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For throwing a paella party, hiring Vamos Pella is the ideal way to bring people together to enjoy great food. Picture a sizzling pan of paella dished up to your happy guests, or sharing a smile over a tapas-style starter. We bring you the very best paella party catering services across the UK. We provide catering for any private event; from, office celebrations, birthday bashes, and garden parties to seasonal events. We are here to design and mould the finest and creative tailored menu exclusively for you and your guests. 

Vamos Paella are Paella catering specialists and know just what’s needed when it comes to providing  themed party catering. Since 2020 the years have been tough. With lock-downs and people unable to come together in large groups the catering industry was hit hard. Fortunately, Vamos paella has weathered the storm and we are back to what we do best – paella catering for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more.


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