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Rumiplus is lucerne hay that is mixed with pellets at an optimal ratio to give your cow everything it needs in one bite. It is high in protein and nutrition, which makes it the natural answer to improving a ruminant diet. With an appropriate amount of bicarbonate, saliva will be created more to help buffer any acidosis that builds up in the rumen. Rumiplus contains no artificial ingredients or additives, so you can rest easy knowing that this product is doing its job effectively and efficiently.


At Dengie Crops Ltd., our primary concern is your livestock's health and wellbeing; that's why we craft our products with only the highest quality ingredients. We offer a range of products, from high-fibre alfalfa supplements to nutritious whole barley seeds and pellets, to keep your animals healthy and happy. We remain socially responsible by supporting local farmers and using environmentally-friendly practices when creating our products. Our commitment to quality makes us the perfect distributor for all of your livestock's dietary needs.


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