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It would be naive to think that the UK is the only country capable of fielding graphic design talent in this global economy. So what does the next few years herald for the UK in terms of graphic design jobs and the widespread outsourcing of design to foreign territories?

Design Specialism

Increasingly we will see more and more specialists focusing specifically on core businesses. Rather than design companies offering a smorgasbord of design talent it will be more profitable to concentrate on single issue design strategies such as business card designers, outsized folder designers or club flyer designers. It may be a case in point that a larger company will fragment and offer a gamut of services seemingly by different companies. Then again this might not happen, it’s difficult to say really so we'll keep things generalized.

Wholesale prices will tumble

Far be it from us to speculate but by all accounts we're all doomed as far as pricing is concerned in the UK. The internet has heralded a sea change as far as costs are concerned for graphic design services and website design. The market is saturated and is quite literally oozing out of the keyboard and computer screen leaving a sticky mess over your desk. Can the UK justify exorbitant design prices when you can get a far superior design service from a Romanian or Polak working for the price of a can of baked beans?

Mergers and Accusations among the design heavyweights

With such a congested global design market, something has got to give. Some of design big boys such as Lunatic design and Mind tap design may very well find themselves merging to compete with the foreign invasion, only to find themselves demerging and fragmenting again within a space of a few months. These are difficult times for design agencies. Whatever happens we will probably see much the same sort of thing happening in the next few years as we have done over the last couple of years. Unless something highly expectant happens... watch this space

Unprecedented quality in design and heightened design output in the domestic arena

Already we are seeing a marked departure in terms of the minimalist type of design and typography so favored by the lazy designers of the last couple of years. In the next couple of years the emphasis is going to be on the group dynamic and crowdsourcing of design ideas that are populated on personal blogs and network sites. The idea of course being that a clued up herd mentality can achieve more enlightened results than any individual. There’s nothing new in this of course. Design consultants and advertising designers have always brain stormed ideas. Now of course those designs, web styles and new media forms are going to be adapted in real time by many thousands more people. Wow it all sounds wonderful doesn't it.

Web Graphics Design - Some Tips and Ideas to Improve Your Skill

One of the most important skills these days as internet use has been widespread is being able to design websites online as well as being able to design graphics that can be seen by the people on the internet. This is called web graphics design which may sound too technical but can however be learned.

If you want to learn web graphics design, you can actually learn a few important tips and ideas on how you can improve your skills in Course graphic design.

Here are some of the tips and ideas that you might find helpful - whether you are still learning web graphics design or you already know a little and you are looking for ways to improve your skills.

·       Keep it simple. Especially if you are just starting, start first with simple projects. This will help you avoid frustrations and procrastination as well. Aiming for complex projects right then can trigger frustrations in the end. It may be okay to change your designs every now and then but go for simple ideas when you are starting. In fact, simple yet appealing designs can get more online attention than having a complex one that may demand more attention than the real content of your website.

·       Get organized. Like any other profession, it is important to be organized in your work. Of course, being organized in web graphics designing is important so you can work with less stress and you can achieve your goals easier. You have to take care of client requests and organize them in such a way that you can work on them easier.

·       Know what your client needs for his graphic design. This will give you a lot of idea on how you can make your designs more appropriate, suitable as well as profitable for your client. You have to research and ask your clients their preferences so that they will end up liking the output.

·       Make sure you have an easy navigation on your site. If you are designing a site with only a few pages and not much text content, you may want to choose single-page sites that allows your readers to visit the page a lot easier. Of course, you have to make sure as well that the navigation buttons are clear and can easily be navigated.

·       Learn the tools of the trade. If you want to be a graphics designer, you have to learn the software that you will be using in your projects. You may want to familiarize yourself as well on the types of fonts used as well as some inspiring design in you design. Learn Photoshop and other important software that will help you speed up your tasks.

·       Make use of white space to create a cleaner design. One thing that you have to watch out for in designing is to make sure you do not have a web design that overpowers the content of your website.

·       Make sure that you resize the pictures that you will be using in your designs. Keep in mind that although high quality videos are great online, they can also be slower to load and that can make your website a little less appealing. Resize your graphics but make sure also that they are still good to view for online readers.

Well then, can UK graphic design and Web design in particular survive the onslaught we are heading into at a frightening rate? It’s too close to call at the moment so we'll just sit on the fence smiling smugly for a bit and reserve our opinions until later if that’s alright with you.



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