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While it's a positive development, equipping newer boats with LEDs from the factory does nothing for boaters with older models that still utilize traditional incandescent and halogen lighting systems.

Fortunately, the heavy interest among boaters in LEDs and their efforts to include them has resulted in the growth of an huge aftermarket that caters quite well to their needs.

Every year new offerings arise that make switching older boats to LED lighting ever easier and simpler. It is possible now to upgrade an entire lighting system to LEDs with little more than screw in and bolt on replacement fixtures, which simplifies things for those with limited mechanical ability and electrical know how.

Aftermarket marine LEDs also allow boaters to implement LEDs at a slow pace, making it a more affordable project as well.

Rather than go all out and replace every reklam skylt fixture in one huge overhaul, boaters can simply replace fixtures with LEDs as they eventually fail and burn out, allowing them reap the benefits of LEDS while spreading the costs over a longer period of time.

For boaters seeking to switch to LEDs, the aftermarket can at times seem a bewildering mish mash of unknown brands and confusing options.

With the huge popularity of marine LEDs has also come a large number of new distributors and suppliers, each seeking to gather his share of the market, and portion of the boaters funds.

Unfortunately, this has also led to a lot of unhappy boaters as they seek to purchase the cheapest LED fixtures possible without understanding some of the problems associated with bargain brand LEDs.

While generally speaking LEDs outperform incandescent lights by a wide margin in almost every measure of performance, they still require some extra attention to detail that is often lacking in bargain brand versions.

To avoid some of the problems, boaters need to understand a few salient points before embarking on their venture into LED lighting.

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