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Welcome to Colaz, an advanced beauty therapy business specializing in laser hair removal, skin care services, massage therapy, weight loss and multiple other beauty treatments designed to help you feel great.

Our experts offer a highly-skilled, pain-free, and affordable service to make you extra smooth, and confident again. No longer do you have to feel let down, used, and confused in your quest to look fantastic. 

Colaz is currently situated in 6 locations around the UK, and you can find us in London, Southall, Slough, Derby, Harrow, and Hounslow. We pride ourselves on offering reliable services you can trust, from advanced laser hair removal to simple beauty treatments, and after working with thousands of happy local residents over the years we're completely confident we can offer you the most comfortable experience possible.

Whether you have any questions about the treatments we provide or anything else we can help you with, please visit our website at Colaz.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

By CoLaz Advanced Aesthetics Clinic - Derby

30 St Peters Street DE1 1SH Derby BC United Kingdom
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