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A Plus Moving in Charlotte is a locally owned and operated moving company that provides real-world solutions to complex, high-value logistics challenges. Our team of expert movers can handle everything from parcels and valuable letters to containers with ease. We are located in Charlotte, NC, but we’re able to ship anywhere in the United States. Our goal is to keep you informed as we explore options to ship from, to use, as well as to meet your specific needs.

How does A Plus Moving in Charlotte move my packages when I'm traveling?

A Plus Moving in Charlotteuses your request to send a parcel. If you are the customer, we will send you the delivery status of the item you wish to ship, our tracking number so we know where you will be placed if you return it. In this way, you will be notified about your package, including the time and location, so you can get it to you before you're out of town — and the time and location of your items. If you request for delivery, we will ship your package to you within 30 days of you requesting it so we can ship it for your exact location for you.

A Plus Moving in Charlotte accepts small to medium order sizes (small and large). The larger sizes require more care. If you order small or large your delivery is processed at your assigned location as quickly as possible (such as the nearest UPS). When the package arrives we will ship the item for you and will ship up to 10 shipments.

A Plus Moving in Charlotte is a Charlotte, NC moving company that offers residential and commercial services. We provide packing, unpacking, transportation of goods and furniture, and more. Contact us for your next move!


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