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My name is Jason, I have a wife and two young kids who keep me young. I am originally from Illinois (suburbs of Chicago) and moved to Arizona in 2006. I have a background in construction/service industry for most of my life. I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit my whole life! With owning many other small businesses before this, I decided on the pool industry with the amount of opportunity for growth and a market that needs a higher standard of customer service. My 13 years of experience in pools started shortly after moving to Arizona with starting as a cleaner, shortly moving into repairs, and eventually into sales and management.

I started My Favorite Pool Guy, LLC in 2016 after observing over the past 12 years of how other pool companies run their business. Customer service and satisfaction are my number 1 priority, and although issues and circumstances may arise, I can assure you I will do everything possible to resolve any issues.

By My Favorite Pool Guy

3533 E Shaw Butte Dr. 85028 Phoenix AZ United States
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